Boy Scouts is boy run program that should have a strong adult presence to teach older scouts how to be outstanding leaders. Troop 370, along with all of Boy Scouts, believe in a “Boy Run Program.” Scouts of all ages have the opportunity to become various leaders of the troop. Every Patrol has a Patrol Leader (PL), an Assistant Patrol Leader (APL), and a Patrol Quartermaster (QM). After having some experience leading the scouts in their patrol, Scouts are encouraged to take a troop leadership position. The Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) leads the troop meetings along with his Assistant Patrol Leaders (ASPL). There are also other troop leadership positions such as Librarian (takes inventory of Merit Badge books and distributes them to scouts that need a book), Troop Quartermaster (takes inventory of troop equipment and works with patrol Quartermasters to be sure that all equipment is accounted for after a campout), Scribe (takes notes on meetings when needed), Troop Assistant Webmaster (assists the webmaster with updating the troop website), and Order of the Arrow Representative (OA REP) (attends OA meetings as well as leads OA activities.