Meeting Monday 01-06-2014

Scoutmaster Weekly Thoughts for 01/04/14


Happy New Year!

Well it sounds like Monday’s meeting is going to be perfect for gear testing.

I was going to have you bring all of your gear but, what the heck, just wear it!

Let’s plan a period of time outdoors for the meeting.


I would like for you to experience the cold and is how well your gear works.

We will be practicing some simple skills such a setting up a tarp and lighting a stove.


Remember that wind chill will be a huge factor at these temperatures.

Make sure that you have something covering all exposed skin.

At -20 with wind, skin can start is freeze in about 5-10 minutes.


Please make a gear list to bring for review along with your gear.

We will work through your list and together we can make corrections.

Pack in zippered duffel bags if you can. You do not need backpacks for this trip.


Review the symptoms for frost nip, frost bite, and hypothermia.

Plan on discussing each to demonstrate knowledge.


For all boys in leadership positions, Patrol Leader and above, please arrive at 18:45 for activities planning.


Any adults that would like to help are encouraged to attend.

We are also singing up for the January camp out on Monday.