Hi Parents, Leaders, Alumni and friends of Troop 370,

As many of you know this is fundraising season for Troop 370. Our scouts have been selling wreaths and popcorn products for 4 weeks now and have less than 2 weeks remaining before it all wraps up for this year. Each week I have met with the scouts to see how their efforts have been going and offered help, sales material and hopefully some motivation to get out there and sell. I have heard from several boys who have made some really great sales. At the same time, I have am concerned that some boys have not been able to spend much time at fundraising. This is an especially challenging year for fundraising as the number of scouts participating is lower than past years so I am writing to ask for your help.

If your son is selling this year, I would like to encourage you to help him find a few hours to get out and sell products. Perhaps you can offer to drive him around for a few hours if that would help. Make sure that grandparents, aunts, uncles and neighbors are sold too. To everyone reading this, if you have a chance to sell our fundraising products to co-workers or friends please do so. I have attached links to our product brochures that you can easily print out and show to customers.

Any help you can provide will help run our Troop for the coming year.

Thank you,

Philip Jenkins Fundraising Chairman Troop 370 952-334-5120