Hello All

Please join us on Sunday 10-05-2014 @ 15:00 – 16:30 for an all troop quartermaster event.

This all troop meeting will be held in the lower level parking lot by the trailers.

Chris Johnson will be providing instruction to the boys regarding the troop gear moving forward.

Adults may want to come to help with 5S activities.

We do plan on dishwashing and tent inventory.

The trailer will also be packed for the campout on Friday 10-10-2014.

Make sure to sign up with Mark H.

The troop has volunteered to help the church with the dishwashing on the Faith Formation Sundays.

We meet in the kitchen right after mass or slightly before, and stay until about 7:30.

I would like two to three boys every week if possible.

Hope to see you there,

Mike Kistner