Wreath unload and pickup is this Saturday. Please dress warm and come to Pax at 9 AM to unload the delivery truck. We will begin sorting orders after that. Lets all pitch in so we can get out of the cold!

At Mondays meeting we will continue to prepare for the Cub Scout training event, Map and Compass. Bring all of your compasses to work with.

For those that had tasks assigned, please complete them prior to the meeting. We have a lot of ground to cover so come early. This is a major part of our recruiting plan so it is important that we have full participation.

Also I am still looking for a couple of adults to work once a month with the Cub Pack. We do not plan to host many events but would like to have a compfire after their meetings once a month to keep us in front of the youth and parents. Please contact me if interested.

See you on Saturday!