Help Drew N. With His Eagle Project

Drew is helping lead a crew to build awesome, wooden toys for the Child Care Center at All Saints Lutheran Church.  Scouts and Scout Parents are invited to help.  We will manufacture three cool, large outdoor toys - from wood and PVC pipes.


Date:   Saturday, March 1st       [and Sunday March 2nd (if needed)]

Time:  9:00am to 4:30pm (please come when you are able)

Lunch:  Papa John's Pizza served at noon!  Beverages provided!

Location:  Northrup's HEATED Garage - 4706 Semrud Circle, Minnetonka, MN  55345 (near Hwy 7 & Williston Rd)

Please RSVP:     See Form Below

I am looking to borrow:  handheld jigsaw/sabre saws, electric sanders, Wood files (fine grade), cordless drills.  Please let me know if you have these.

Set up Day:  If you are available on Friday, February 28, I have school vacation and will be setting up.  Please join us then, if you would like to!  

Thank you for considering this!  I can't become an Eagle Scout without your help on this project!

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