Summer Camp Skit Planning!

This is the 20th year of Voyager Bay and we need your help.  Yes, you!  Because we’re thankful for this special camp in the north woods we want to have a special campfire on Saturday night.  Not just your run of the mill type of campfire.  This one will be big.  Longer?  Yes.  Boring?  Definitely not!! Calling all Voyager Bay staff, past and present Troop Scoutmasters, Asst. Scout Masters, campers, alumni, volunteers, adults, kids, parents, non-parents, and even siblings.  We need skits, we need speakers, we need entertainment.  If you’re in camp on Saturday, July 19th participation is mandatory.  Non-participation requires a doctor’s note.  This is one small way you can show you’re appreciation for Voyager Bay.


Put your creative thinking caps on.  Individuals, small groups, large groups, etc.  We want tasteful, well thought out skits, entertainment, and speakers.


Please contact Brenda or Jack with your plan or idea.  We’ll be creating an order of ceremony.


Everyone has something to offer.


Adults & Alumni, we need to know your plans for the Saturday night campfire by next Monday, July 7th which happens to be the last summer camp planning meeting.  If we haven’t heard from you by then, we’ll be getting in touch with you.

Scouts, we need to know your plans for the Saturday night campfire by Monday, July 14th which is the last scout meeting before we head to camp.


Looking forward to what you have to offer!  Thanks for your support.


Jack & Brenda