Klondike Derby!

We will be meeting at the Church (Pax Christi) at 7:30 am on Saturday (2/21) to load the sled and other gear that the boys will need for the Klondike Derby.

The equipment that we will need on the sled includes:

-Proper winter clothing, including hats, gloves, and boots

-Fire Starters (NO lighters or combustible fluids)

‐Sleeping bag

‐Large tarp

-1 gallon of water

-water bottle/canteen (for each team member)

-First aid kit

-Paper and pencils

-Rope (at least 50’long)

-Twine spool (at least 20’)

‐At least one compass

-At least one flashlight

-At least one pocket knife (all scouts must have Toten Chip , and make sure knifes follow BSA guidelines -- NO straight blades, switch blades, double edge blades, or fix blade knives.)

-Small backpack to hold extra supplies and winter gear

-Field books and Scouting Handbooks are encouraged!