Summer Camp Prep

Good afternoon everyone!

Great campout this weekend, thanks to everyone who helped get us there and back again!

Now that spring break is over for everyone, and we are headed into warmer weather, our preparation for Summer Camp will start to accelerate, both for the Scouts and all of the adults/parents/leaders.

The troop meetings from now till summer camp are very important for all Scouts to attend as we will continue to develop as a team so we are ready for our week at Voyger Bay. We have a long way to go to “Be Prepared”, and we want to make certain that everyone is ready to make the most of this experience.

For the parents, the monthly summer camp planning and parent meetings are outstanding opportunities to get information and be a part of the planning process. I know everyone has beusy schedules but if at all possible, these are two very important meetings to attend. The week of summer camp at Voyager Bay is the highlight of our year, but only because we start now making sure that it's absolutely the best possible experience for everyone.

Just a reminder we will be holding April's summer camp meeting this evening at 7pm in one of the side rooms across from the gym, same time as the Troop meeting. Specifically, we will be discussing the Summer Camp Packet and registration process on the troop website. This will include the list of merit badges we'll be able to offer, and the kinds of activities and extra curriculars we'll be able to support. The summer camp committee welcomes everyone's input on this process.

Hope to see you tonight, and thanks for your support!

Mike K