Last planning meeting on Monday for Wild River

Hello Looks like a great weekend is forming up for camping next weekend. It will be 25 degrees WARMER than it is today! I would really like to see a big turn out for this with the weather in the low 20's. We will be finalizing the camping roster and looking for adult drivers. Currently we are planning on leaving Saturday morning.

This Monday will also be the last night for indoor training. We will be reviewing clothes, layering plan, moisture management, and boots. Lets bring all of our items for a general gear review and fine tuning session.

This is also a great time to give away gear to others. I know that you have older items that will not see much use and could be passed down to fellow campers. In my case, a fully furnished Suburban could be available....

Wild Mountain is 100% open. Bring the family up for the day to ski, tube, or CC with us. CC is free at the park with license and rental is available at the park. Snowshoeing is also free and rental is available. Bring snow shoes to share. Ski ticket is $49. Rental is $28. TUBING RATES Walk in rate- $18 for two hours Online rate-$16 for two hours BUY NOW shop $3 for each additional hour.

We recommend a minimum of 42" tall to go tubing. Everyone must ride in their own tube. We provide tubes for everyone tubing. We do have smaller tubes for guests under 100 lbs. Helmet rental is available for $8 per person.

See you all Monday!