August Parent Meeting Minutes

Troop 370 Parent Meeting Minutes                                                                                        August 11, 2014


1 PLC Report:  John R, SPL


Planning for Sand Dunes campout – may go canoeing or orienteering. Next month is Taylor’s Falls – big recruiting event. October – Camporee. Will consider working on MB requirements at meetings.

 September – Taylors Falls camp

2 Scoutmaster Report: Mike K, SM


Plan draft of 2015 activities is available. Please advise of conflicts if known.


3              Team Reports 


3.1   Activities/Camping                                

-          Voyager Bay – Summer 2014. Recap – send photos, videos, etc from camp to Andrew R (webmaster)

-          Sand Dunes – currently have 4 Scouts – need more adults.

-          Philmont 2015 – no report

-          Halloween Walk – no report


3.2               Quartermaster  Chris J

Trailer maintenance night this Wednesday.

3.2.1          Fleet Maintenance – Nick H.

Nothing new.

3.2.2          Tent Evaluation Committee – Tyler T / Chris J.

Nothing new.

3.2.3          Merit Badge Library – Margie S

Nothing new.


3.3               Advancement                                                                   Paul S


MB counselor  updates

Eagle status – 2 Eagle boards are scheduled.


3.4   Membership                                            

3.4.1      Troop Records – Larry G

Roster update – looking for someone to take over as Larry wants to be more active in his boy’s Cub Scout Pack

3.4.2      Recruiting – Nathan B

- EA All Troop Open House – 28 August

- Taylors Falls – September recruiting event

- ISM Open House – September 2 – will be participating. Also advising them on how to set up Cub Scout Pack.

- Had some banners made – 1 for travel, 1 to be posted at the church

- Flyers on Taylors Falls camp I September

- Updates to web page will make it much easier to join


3.5 Training                                                        Don R

- Need to get ASMs through training

- University of Scouting is in the fall

- We no longer have a training chair


3.6 Service                                                          TC

Blessing of Animals is 4 October

Loaves & Fishes – feed at St Stephens


3.7 Communications                                      John N

Website updates – see notes under recruiting.


3.8 Finance                                                         Tyler T

No report; we have roughly 10k

3.9 Charter Report

- will be meeting in October and November in the Lighthouse room

- can only sell wreaths for two weekends at the church

- can put up flyers on community nights, ie Sundays

- Ministry Fair is Sep 13-14, can give slides for gym presentation

- Cub Scout leader is interested in support / help from our Troop


   Other Reports 


4.1          Cub Scouts                                                         

No report

4.2          Venture Group                                                

Will be with us at Taylor’s Falls
4.3          OA                                                                         

Conclave is weekend Sep 19 - 21

4.4          Mustang District                                              Don R

Had first round table in August. Would like recharter back by November 6. District Camporee is in October in Rum River. JTE 2.0 – need plan; commo of pla; budget; timely charter; training. We are in a good place on all of these.