February Parent Meeting Minutes

Troop 370 Parent Meeting Minutes                                                                                        February 10, 2014


1 PLC Report:  Ryan O, SPL


Today’s meeting and next – focus on junior leadership. March 10, 2014 – Merit Badge night.

2 Scoutmaster Report: Mike K, SM


SPL is doing well. Klondike is coming up. All participants are welcome to Klondike – can use the help. District dinner will be February 12. Meeting site for February 18 will be here at Pax, even though church will be closed for President’s Day holiday. Will be outside prepping for Klondike. Klondike will be overnight camp for our group. Will start at 0800 onsite.


3              Team Reports 


3.1   Activities/Camping                                


Voyager Bay – in May, consider rescheduling so that we can help church with their 5k run

Voyager Bay 2014 – Matt K – Camp rental increases from $30 per camper to $35. The initial thinking is that add’l cost will be absorbed. Also, we are being asked to contribute more toward the camp. We need to determine as a Troop whether and how much we will contribute in addition to the time / effort / work that we will invest in moving the shotgun range, which we have committed to do.

Philmont 2015 Update - 10 member crew is confirmed – 2 add’l Scout spots are available.

Joshua Tree Spring 2014 – Matt K – will be during spring break. Gauging interest; presentation for Scouts was conducted last week. Cost is estimated to be $500 – 1000 / per person, including airfare.

Isle Royale Summer 2014 – Don R – the request has been submitted. Have not heard back yet but expect to get our requested dates of 3-10 August.


3.2               Quartermaster  Tom H


Nothing significant. Let Tom H know if anything changes on tires etc.


3.2.1          Fleet Maintenance – Nick H. Some progress on tires but nothing completed.

3.2.2          Tent Evaluation Committee – Tyler T / Chris J. No report.

3.2.3          Merit Badge Library – Margie S – no report.



3.3               Advancement                                                                   Paul S

At Ajadoona will be an awards ceremony – March 22.

3.4   Eagle Report – Drew N.


Helping a pre-school build a playground. Work will be at Drew N residence on March 1 0900 – 1630. Tools needed – jigsaws, sanders, drills.

3.5   Membership                                            

3.5.1      Troop Records – no report

3.5.2      Recruiting – Nathan B

Webelos Transition – new report from district on bringing Webelos over as Scouts earlier


3.6 Training                                                        Don R

Scoutmaster Fundamentals class will be taught by Don R on March 8, 2014. This is the indoor component of the class – the outdoor component will follow. Sev’l alumni are signing up.

4.7 Service                                                          TC

“Walk Pry Run” Pax 5k is on May 17.

4.8 Communications                                      John N

No report.

4.8.1 Website Update                                    Andrew R

New website is up – lots of videos and pictures yet to be uploaded.

4.8 Finance                                                         Tyler T

$21,842 in account. Roughly 11k is allocated to the Troop and roughly 10K is allocated to the Scouts.

4.9 Charter Report                                           Lauren W

No report


   Other Reports 


5.1          Venture                                                               Jim V


No report


5.2          Cub Scouts                                                          Dale N

 No report

5.3          OA                                                                          Steve N

No report

5.4          Mustang District                                              Don R


No report.