January Parent Meeting Minutes

Troop 370 Parent Meeting Minutes                                                                                        January 6, 2014


1 PLC Report:  Ryan O, SPL


January planning on winter camping. Campout planning will be conducted next week. They plan to hold another PLC meeting to plan for February and March. On January 27, 2014, the Scouts saw a presentation on Joshua Tree high adventure event.

2 Scoutmaster Report: Mike K, SM


Will be reviewing packing lists. Will need three (3) adults for upcoming campout. Gym will be scheduled for open time from 6 – 7 before meeting beginning next week. Keith F will also offer fly fishing, citizenship merit badge during this time frame. Church service – giving back is spirit of Scouting. The church has religious education on Sunday evenings, and Mike K would like to offer Scouts from the Troop to do clean-up and set-up in connection with the meal served before religious education those evenings. Watch the calendar for added patrol names to help out. PLC meeting will be January 14, time TBD.

             2014 Team Structure: Don R


Don R put together “map” of his vision of how team structure of team is to work. Adult training coordinator role is open, as is ASM Youth Training.


4              Team Reports 



4.1   Activities/Camping                                 Tom H


Klondike Derby – February 22 – Don R. This is a district-wide event, and also out Troop’s camping event for February. Our Scouts volunteered to host this last fall. Scouts are working on the stations to be conducted at the event.

Voyager Bay 2014 – Matt K – January 27, 2014 – held first summer camp planning meeting.

Philmont 2015 Update - John P – will hold break-out meeting on this. 12 spots – first deposit will be due in February.

Joshua Tree Spring 2014 – Matt K - to be discussed on January 27, 2014

Isle Royale Summer 2014 – Don R – this trip is this summer; has not had a lot of interest. Request is due at end of January. Crew size is 10, with at least 2 adults.


4.2               Quartermaster  Tom H


No report


4.2.1          Fleet Maintenance – Nick H. No report. Tires are not yet changed.

4.2.2          Tent Evaluation Committee – Tyler T / Chris J. No report.

4.2.3          Merit Badge Library – Margie S – no report.



4.3               Advancement                                                                   Paul S

No report.

4.4   Membership                                            

4.4.1      Troop Records - Larry G. Plans to track attendance at activities, including parents and Scouts. Cleaning up missing details in TroopMaster.

4.4.2      Recruiting – Nathan B

Webelos Event – January 9 Nathan B

Email has been sent out. We offered to go to packs to talk to Webeols about difference between Boy Scouts and Webelos. Have a 15 minute presentation prepared – primarily informational for interested parents.

Sledding on MLK Day – January 20 Nathan B

This is on a Monday – will need help from parents and alumni.

Pinewood Derby – January 11 Nathan B

Several Scouts have volunteered to support.


4.5. Training                                                       Don R

Scoutmaster Fundamentals class will be taught by Don R on March 8, 2014. This is the indoor component of the class – the outdoor component will follow.

4.6 Service                                                          TC

No report

4.7 Communications                                      John N

No report

4.7.1 Website Update                                    Andrew R

Switch from the old website will be very soon

4.8 Finance                                                         Tyler T

No report

4.9 Charter Report                                           Lauren W

No report


   Other Reports 


5.1          Venture                                                               Jim V


No report


5.2          Cub Scouts                                                          Dale N

 No report

5.3          OA                                                                          Steve N

No report

5.4          Mustang District                                              Don R


District Round Table was postponed from January 2nd to this week. Will discuss Klondike and training opportunities.