October Parent Meeting Minutes

Troop 370 Parent Meeting Minutes



PLC Report

Scouts are working on planning the campout at Carver Park and planning activities for the cub scouts. Our boys will be leading stations such as knife safety and soap carving. Troop 370 will be providing lunch for all attendees, with patrol cooking for all other meals. Drew F. will be coordinating the food for the cub scouts. Walter T. will delegate scouts to get rope, soap bars, and other supplies as needed.


Scoutmaster Minute

                Everything has been going well lately.


Team Reports

                October Campout

                                Don, Mike K., Matt K., Drew F., Corwin, John V. will attend, Aaron and Mike Z to help

with Saturday activities.

                Halloween Walk

                                Drew F. is coordinating; he will be working with the boys the next two weeks on

planning. Venture crew will lead groups; pack is having each den run a game/activity

room inside. It is on Saturday the 24th, plan to arrive at 530. There will be pizza for dinner. Remember to bring flashlights. We may be asked to assist the church with grilling hot dogs again.

                November campout – Phillippo

                                Cub scouts are invited. Venture crew will be coming. Need archery, climbing, rifle, and

bb gun instructors. Plan to recruit Corwin’s friend from Taylors Falls to assist with


                Holiday Boutique

                                Scouts/Adults will assist with unloading and hauling vendor goods on Friday night and

Saturday morning. Troop plans to have a booth with banner and flyers and sell

wreaths/popcorn if we have remaining product.

                December Activity – Ice Fishing

                                Tentatively scheduled for 12/12 depending on ice conditions. We are still looking for an

adult to coordinate this activity.

                Draft 2016 Activity Calendar

                                Draft was discussed; one change needs to be made due to band conflict in March. Draft

calendar will be published soon. Aaron to book Ajawah. Mark H. to book state parks.

                2016 High Adventure

                                Some options include Elroy-Sparta, Devil’s Lake, Isle Royale, BWCA, Sea Base, Northern

Tier. Nothing on the calendar yet, waiting on more feedback from the scouts.


                                There is a new tub of consumables for the action packers in the trailer. Talk to Chris J.

with additional needs.


                                Ashwin got 2nd class. Eric C. is working on finishing up Star. John R.’s Eagle packet and

letters are at the council office. Waiting on a status update from Hayden H.


                                Two cub scouts from Pack 254 will cross over next month. Eight cub scouts in pack at

Pax Christi. Aaron is looking for help with writing recruiting articles – small time

commitment if interested. Tyler T. will help with recharter this year, paperwork should

be completed by Nov. 5th Round Table if possible, December 31st deadline.


                                Virtus Training – Don working on coordination with Pax for training opportunities.

                                Outdoor Leadership Essentials – Don is planning to conduct a training for our troop at a

later date.


                                Halloween Walk, Holiday Boutique, Blake N. Eagle Project?


                                John N. working on newsletter


                                Finances good after camp. Looking for another good fundraising year. Wreath/popcorn

sales are off to a good start, some scouts over $500 already. Orders due on October 26th, product delivery on November 21st. Friends of Scouting will be starting again soon. Bob R will coordinate again.

                Cub Scouts

                                Started meeting on Monday nights. One pack meeting per month, one den meeting per

month at church. The pack is growing again, may be as high as 60 scouts next year.

                OA Conclave

Went well. All attended except Jack F. he will work to schedule it on another weekend this fall.