September Parent Meeting Minutes

September 8, 2015

Troop 370 Parent Meeting Minutes


  1. PLC Report. Walter T, SPL. PLC meeting was held two weeks ago. Planning to work on a disabilities MB, would like an advisor if one is available. Making plans for the Halloween Walk.

  2. SM Report – Mike Z, SM. Since Summer Camp, moving to a more boy-run troop. He has turned a lot of responsibilities over to the Troop, especially to Walter T. Need to work out some processes and communication but overall has been working well. No changes have been made to the patrol structure, and the boys are excited about the transition of Cub Scouts to the Troop. We have folks trained to work with the Cub Scouts and as den chiefs if there is a need.

  3. Additions to Agenda

    1. Motion / vote on sale of motorbike that the troop repaired. Have offer to purchase for $500.00. Motion, seconded, unanimously passed.

    2. COH is scheduled for 21 September. Amy S has been coordinating treats, etc. Will she be able to conduct for this COH?

  4.  Virtus Training. Ken R, Director of Ops, Pax Christi, presents. Troop leaders will need to register and attend Virtus training as the scope of child protection has expanded. Handed out materials. Troop will work with Ken to determine scope, i.e. who has to attend the training. A number of Virtus trainings are scheduled and noted on the Pax website. More can be scheduled if it is needed.

  5. Team Report

    1. Activities

      1. Philmont 2015 recap. Good trip.

      2. Taylors Falls - September 11-13 – not sure how many boys are going. One Webelo is going for sure, perhaps more.

      3. EP Troop Open House. Will be 9/24 at St Andrews. Drew F has some good ideas for this. Don R will follow up with him on that.

      4. Lake Zumbra - October – Will be with Cub Scout Pack 348.

      5. Phillipo – in November – everything is reserved and ready.

      6. High Adventure 2016. Nothing is specifically planned at present. Will work with the boys to determine what is desired. Would then need to collect appropriate deposits, schedules, etc. depending on those activities.

        Quartermaster – Chris J. Recovering from summer camp. Going to revisit tents soon.

    1. Advancement - Paul S.

      1. John R, Eagle status, have packet and letters of recommendation.

      2. Hayden H, Eagle status, sent draft of proposal.

    1. Membership. Rechartering is due soon.

    1. Service – Fall Yard clean-up available for service hours. Don R can assist coordination.

    2. Communications - no report.

    3. Finance

      1. Ahead of budget on summer camp, roughly 16k in account between Troop and Scouts.

      2. See earlier notes on motorcycle sale for $500.00

      3. Wreath and popcorn sales kick-off is at COH on September 21. Collection of proceeds will be October 26. Wreath pick-up will be 21 November.

    4. Charter Report – Ministry Fair on September 12. Need someone to staff both before and after all Masses that weekend.

  1. Other Reports

    1. Cub Scouts. Eden Lake Open House held.

    2. Venture Crew. Camping with Troop this weekend, will also be camping with the Troop in November. Will be doing the Halloween Walk.

    3. Order of the Arrow. Conclave is September 18-20.

    4. Mustang District. No report.