December 2014 Parent Meeting Minutes

Troop 370 Parent Meeting Minutes                                                                                        December 8, 2014


1 PLC Report:  Eric C, SPL. Eric C is new SPL. Next week is COH. Tonight will be planning for Wild River trip.

2 Scoutmaster Report: Mike K, SM A nice recruiting event on Saturday – a Wolf Scout and a Webelos Scout showed up. But no Troop 370 Scouts were involved. Need to see more involvement from Scouts and parents.


3 Troop Elections / Organization. Draft chart provided to attendees. Lauren A motions, seconded by Bob R – unanimous ratification of team org chart.    


4              Team Reports 



    1. Activities/Camping                                

  • COH – December  15 in the gym – treats are welcome

  • Wild River – January 17 – 19 – MLK weekend

  • Biathlon – February 22 or March?  – Don R is working on

  • Boundary Waters – February 22 or March?  – Aaron is interested in leading – will require some planning

  • Ajuwah - April

  • Philmont 2015 – on track, deposits paid, will have meeting in January.


    1. Advancement – Paul S

      Nothing new

    2. Quartermaster  Chris J

      New check-in / check-out process is working

      1. Fleet Maintenance – Nick H.

        Nothing new.

        3.3.2      Tent Evaluation. Nothing new.


    3. Membership. Recharter is due November 6 – on track.                                        

3.4.1      Troop Records – Paul S

Roster Update

3.4.2      Recruiting –

A couple of events  are coming up – need to keep working on


3.5 Training                                                        Steve N

Send Steve N your training records; Youth Protection Training

3.6 Service                                                          TC

Worked Holiday Boutique

3.7 Communications                                      John N

Nothing new

3.8 Finance                                                         Tyler T

Wreath Summary

Friends of Scouting – Bob R will do – will give speech at COH

3.9 Charter Report

Won’t have meetings at church on MLK Day or on President’s Day

New Church Bulletin – pushed out until later


   Other Reports 


4.1          Cub Scouts                                                         

Monthly Pack meetings

4.2          Venture Group                                                

Going with them in January
4.3          OA                                                                         

No report

4.4          Mustang District                                              Don R

JTE 2.0 – we are officially Gold