April Parent Meeting Minutes


  1. PLC Report. Eric C.

    1. This Friday will be Techno-Nite, an overnight indoor camping experience with Troop 290 at the Glen Lake Activity Center.

    2. Ryan O Court of Honor (COH) is coming up

    3. Ajawah campout is in three weeks

  2. SM Report - Mike K - no report

  3. Team Report

    1. Activities

      1. Techno-Nite - April 10-11 (Friday overnight)

      2. April campout - Ajawah - (cooking, leadership) - COH for Ryan O is there on Saturday 25 April. Cooking competition. Will be cost of $20 per family.

      3. Kinnickinnic State Park - May campout

      4. Cascade River or canoeing in WI - June. Have options. We planned Cascade River; Troop 390 planned canoeing in WI. Will work with them to determine whether will be camping together or apart.

      5. Summer Camp update - Camp committee meeting held. Working on completing septic and replacing outhouse. Don and Matt are going up on the 18th to help with determining location. The next summer camp meeting is April 27. Sign up for summer camp will be available beginning in May.

      6. Philmont 2015 update. Had dry run campout in March that went well. Next one will be Devil’s Lake beginning April 16.

    2. Quartermaster

      1. Working on making sure that Action Packs are complete

      2. Tents - doing some preliminary research on replacing. 6 tents would cost approx. $1000.00 to get tents of equal quality to the ones we have. Motion made, seconded, unanimously passed to purchase a tent at approx, $176.00 for testing purposes.

    3. Advancement

      1. COH 4/25 for Ryan O

      2. Kyle R - Eagle Project Report - to assist drama department at EPHS with cataloging and storing set costumes

    4. Membership

      1. Troop records. Going to be Paul S responsibility soon.

      2. Training records - send to Don R or Steve N.

    5. Service - no report

    6. Communications - Website update - no report

    7. Finance - report on financials passed around for review and consideration

    8. Charter Report - no report

  4. Other Reports

    1. Cub Scouts, Arrow of Light Patrol. Will have senior Webelos meet with us and will receive leadership support from us in the fall and winter, then will cross over to us as a patrol. Beginning in September, they will be invited to our campouts.

    2. Venture Crew. Held an Open House recently, which could yield a new member.

    3. Order of the Arrow. Service weekend is the first weekend in May. If you were elected to the Order last year but have not done the ordeal, this would be a good opportunity.