August 2015 Parent Meeting Minutes

August Minutes 8/10/15


Scoutmaster Report

  • Successful Summer Campout
  • August 21-23 Campout Superior Hiking Trail - Adult volunteers needed - discussed changing to camping at a S.P. on the north shore.  Same date.
  • September - Taylors Falls Campout
  • Philmont - we heard from the group en-route and things were going well.  No news is good news


  • September - Taylor's Falls - Inviting the Webelos, either overnight or for the day to climb
  • October - Lake Zumbra - Carver Park.  The entire Pack 348 is invited to join us.  They do not get much camping experiences.  They can come for overnight or for the day.  We need programming - possibly what was outlined for summer camp.
  • November - Philopo - Reservations have been made

Quartermaster - some concern with venting in the new tent that the scouts tried at summer camp



  • Eagle BoR - during parent meeting
  • Pope Pius XII Religious Emblem - This year at Pax Christi
  • Eagle Candidate John R - Presented his project of raised garden beds for "The Colony". He has send them plans for them to choose from.  He needs 3-10 people to help at his house.  Time is of the essence.

Troop/Training Records - turned over to Paul S.


Service Projects - if hours are needed by a scout, there are ideas out there.  Pax Christi likely can help with service ideas too.


Finance - Popcorn sales this fall with weaths like in the past.  If we send someone for training we keep an extra 3%.  


Cub Scouts

  • Halloween Walk - encourage and help the boys generate and carryout ideas.  Get ahead of it this year.
  • Den Chiefs - is there interest?  Find some training.
  • Pack 348 will be meeting on Mondays this year.


  • Camping this weekend
  • Taylor's Falls - joining us for climbing but camping elsewhere
  • November Philipo
  • Halloween Walk - lead tours

OA conclave the weekend after Taylor's Falls


Respectfully Submitted

Lauren W.


Attending:Drew F, Bob R, Mike Z, Mike K, Don R, Mark H, Eric H, Jon V, Jim V, Dave W, Aaron N, Larry G,