July 2015 Parent Meeting Minutes

July 6, 2015

Troop 370 Parent Meeting Minutes


  1. Voyager Bay Summer Camp - Final Plans and Logistics. Matt K.

    Andrew R is director this year. Carl is his assistant. Youth Protection Training - if attending camp, must have up-to-date - please address ASAP. DVDs for the training are available from Don R if needed, but preferred approach is to do the training online. Payment for camp is ASAP. Physical forms also need to be addressed ASAP. A reminder - physical forms are only good for one (1) year. As of this date, 13 Scouts are registered for summer camp. Need one more adult driver and someone to pull trailer to camp. MB form was distributed to Scouts - need to conform MBs for same. Tentative tour on way to camp is Croft Mine - Don R is coordinating. Kitchen preparation is coming along well; have a list and plan for things needed for the kitchen. Will be conducting a planing meeting at camp, as did last year - please come prepared to address. Range - no update on clays - need to communicate with Drew on coordinating. T-shirt order is in. Mosquito treatment at campsite has been done. Jim V will bring up sunscreen when he comes to camp. Pre-crewis at 0800 at Mike C’s house. Will be stopping at Y Cub in Garrison for lunch on the way up if you want to meet along the way.

  2. PLC Report. Nicola P standing in. Is happy with trend of the Troop - seems to be getting more organized and more focused. Last month camped at Cascade River; now prepping for Voyager Bay and Philmont (select Scouts).

  3. SM Report - no report.

  4. Team Report

    1. Activities

      1. Philmont 2015 update. Physical preparation and team-building is going well. Training hikes two times per week since May at Richard T. Anderson bluffs in EP, moving to three times per week beginning tonight. Philmont crews leaves 1 August and returns 15 August; those Scouts and parents will therefore not be here for August meeting.

      2. Superior Hiking Trail - planned for August 21-23.

      3. Taylors Falls - September - 1 of 4 sites is reserved - rock climbing is planned.

      4. Lake Zumbra - October - Plan is to invite the entire Cub Scout Pack 348 to join.

    1. Quartermaster - no report.

    2. Advancement - Paul S.

      1. Austin J packet in progress.

    1. Membership

      1. Troop records.

      2. Training records. Earlier notes on Youth Protection and medical records.

    1. Service - no report. Will be service projects available through Pax in the fall but none in immediate future.

    2. Communications - no report.

    3. Finance - no report.

    4. Charter Report - will not be able to have standard rooms in April - May 2016 due to Grief Coalition meetings at Pax - will adjust.

  1. Other Reports

    1. Cub Scouts. Earlier notes on October trip.

    2. Venture Crew. no report.

    3. Order of the Arrow. Conclave in September after Taylor’s Falls.

    4. Mustang District. Next meeting is in August. School Night for Scouting will be in September.