June 2015 Parent Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2015

Troop 370 Parent Meeting Minutes


  1. PLC Report. Walter T. Walter T is now SPL. Other positions - Andrew C - QuarterMaster; Blake N, Chaplain’s Aide; numerous Asst SPLs. Tonight is gear check and gym night. Planning - Service night; Citizenship of the World MB.

  2. SM Report -

    1. Mike K - few Scouts going camping - trying to figure that out

    2. Mike Z - will be taking over SM role. Intent is to recruit a suitable replacement to be trained and groomed. Wants to move the Troop back into a boy-run program.

  1. Team Report

    1. Activities

      1. Cascade River - June - 4 Scouts and 3 adult volunteers are slated. Plan is to go hiking.

      2. Summer Camp Update: 7 Scouts are registered (of 18 in the Troop). 24 adults are registered, both full and partial duration. Likely will be more Scouts to sign up, but fewer than 10-11 Scouts would be too few.

      3. Philmont 2015 update. Recent campout near near Isabella on Lake Superior by Philmont group. Physical preparation and team-building is going well. However, boys did need to be reminded of need to always act as Scouts, especially when the world knows that you are a Scout; ie, follow the rules; be considerate of others; leave no trace. Leadership is confident that the team will be prepared at by the time it needs to be.

      4. Superior Hiking Trail - planned for August.

      5. Taylors Falls - September - 1 of 4 sites is reserved.

      6. Potential Troop / Cub campout in October - Cub Scout Pack has expressed interest in camping with the Troop. The campout would be with the whole pack - a fairly large group. Phillipo has been offered as an option, but because we are scheduled for it in November already we will look at other options.

    1. Quartermaster

      1. Tents - purchased sample tent and used at campout. Liked it but may be issues with ventilation.

      2. Follow-up to make sure trailers and tires are good for summer camp.

    1. Advancement

      1. Nothing to present in June, no boards scheduled, no COH.

      2. Austin J Eagle status: 2 MBs to finish and has to deliver some outhouses (product of his project) in order to complete Eagle requirements.

    1. Membership

      1. Leadership Transitions. Mike K will transition from SM role to ASM Fast Track; Mike Z will become SM. Motion to approve transition made, seconded, passed unanimously.

      2. Troop records. Now with Paul S. Please send him your certificates and documents so that he can keep Troop records up-to-date.

      3. Training records - needs to be a focus.

    1. Service - no report. Will be service projects available through Pax in the fall but none in immediate future.

    2. Communications - no report.

    3. Finance - approx. 5k Troop balance; approx. 10k in Scout accounts. Will have fewer Scouts selling wreaths and popcorn this year and therefore likely decreased revenue.

    4. Charter Report - Don R met tonight with Cub Scouts and Mar with Pax to arrange their meeting here beginning in fall.

  1. Other Reports

    1. Cub Scouts. See earlier notes.

    2. Venture Crew. Will be going on a trip Sunday morning.

    3. Order of the Arrow. no report.

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