September Parents' Meeting Minutes

September 6, 2016

Troop 370 Parent Meeting Minutes


  1. PLC Report. Eric C, SPL. Jackson P standing in for Eric C. Taylor’s Falls this weekend – Cub Scouts are invited – it is a recruiting event. Can invite a non-Scout friend if you like. OA Conclave is coming up September 16-18. COH is September 19th.

  2. SM Report – Joe S, SM. Now that summer is over, we are seeing increased attendance by Scouts. Tonight the Scouts are checking out tents and action packers, improving meal plans. Side note – re-charting is in October and November, with an absolute deadline of December 31.

  3. Additions to Agenda – none

  4. Team Report

    1. Activities

      1. Interstate SP (Taylor’s Falls) – Sep 9-11. Climbing. 11 boys and 6 adults slated to attend.

        1. Climbing Gear purchase. We are missing some climbing gear. It was likely stolen when we had the break-in on the storage unit. We have purchased some lines, harnesses, webbings – going thin but it will suffice. Cost of purchased equipment was $1100.00. In addition, would like approval for an add’l $50.00 for some duffel bags to put all the equipment is, for a total of $1150.00. Motion made, seconded, passed unanimously.

        2. In addition, Aaron suggests that someone be in charge of the climbing gear and keep at his / her home, rather than in the trailer. This is of course done with the firearms, and historical has been done with the climbing equipment but was not earlier this year. Storing the climbing equipment at someone’s house will significantly reduce the likelihood that the equipment is lost or stolen.

      2. COH – September 19. Drew will bring snacks.

      3. Carver Park or Camporee – Oct 14-16. Troop campout, will invite Cubs. Formerly was scheduled Oct 7-9 – moved to coincide with MEA weekend.

      4. Halloween Walk. October 29. Drew is looking for add’l adult volunteers to provide add’l guidance. Also asks that we think about what resources we have available to contribute to make the even better.

      5. Halloween – October 31st, a Monday. Will attempt to move the meeting to Tuesday November 1.

      6. Fred C Anders – November 11 – 13.

    1. Quartermaster – Chris J – have begun organizing and tidying equipment.

    2. Scoutbook Transition – Making progress. Aaron will resend invitations to thos parents who did not accept and will also explain how to invite your Scout to Scoutbook.

    3. Arrow of Light Patrol – 2016 – Aaron – group from 348 is small, Dave W will handle.

    4. Advancement - Paul S. Fast Track update – going well, moving along. Walter T – Eagle Status – completed project last Sunday.

    1. Service –

      1. Lawn raking opportunity – Don R got an email about a lawn raking service opportunity – contact him if interested.

    2. Finance

      1. Wreaths – Chris J – Brief on wreath and popcorn sales. The three (3) important dates are: 1: September 19 at COH – packets will be handed out to the Scouts and sales will kick off; 2: October 24th – sales and Scouts turn in order forms and money; and 3: November 19th – pick-up date for wreaths and popcorn.

    3. Charter Report – nothing to report.

  1. Other Reports

    1. Cub Scouts. Looking for Drew’s replacement.

    2. Venture Crew. They are camping with us this weekend. They are in dire need of an adult female volunteer.

    3. Order of the Arrow. Conclave Sep 16-18.

    4. Mustang District. Round Tables have begun, first was last Thursday. If you want to see the list of events, contact Don R.