July Parent Meeting Minutes

Troop 370 Parent Meeting Minutes

11 July 2016


No attendance was taken


Don opened the meeting at 7:05pm and requested volunteers to take the minutes.  Aaron volunteered.

SPL report was given by Walt who eloquently noted that everyone was excited and looking forward to summer camp

SM Report was given by Mike Z. who could think of no better way to put it than Walt had.

Summer Camp Report was given by Matt and consisted of the following:
             a)  Saturday’s schedule will consist of meeting in the lower parking lot of the church at 8am

             b)  Scouts should arrive packed and ready to go in full class A uniform

             c)  The trailer will need to be packed and Don will collect all meds

             d)  Please put all of the meds for your son in one bag in their original packaging and including instructions for administration.   Don will collect these.

             e)  Physical forms must be turned in tonight or Saturday morning at the latest

             f)   A 9am departure is planned with a stop en route for lunch and tour of the Mille Lacs First Nations Museum.

             g)  Drivers are needed

             h)  Paul is completed the tour permit and needs the driver info from Mark

             I)  Any adult teaching a MB at camp who isn’t registered should see Paul to get a MB counselor application filed.

             J)  Messages to counselors with class lists will go out this week

             k)  Mike K has prepped all of the first years for camp, and anyone who attended last week got cookies.

             L)   Chris will be issuing merit badge books on Saturday

             m)  Payments for camp are due tonight to Mark or Tyler

             n)   Scout handbooks are required gear for camp!

             o)  Lauren requested that everyone in Swimming MB bring a suit and towel, long sleeve pants and tshirt, belt, socks, and shoes that will get wet and probably not dry out before camp is over.

             p)  Mike K requested that range MB people bring long pants, good boots, and water bottles.

             q)   Mike Z reminded everyone that temperatures ranging from 105 to 36 degrees have been observed at camp…..in the same week…..so be prepared for both hot and cold weather camping.   This is Minnesota and of course we love it here.

             r)  If you do not have Youth protection up to date please take it online before arriving

             s)  Matt will be publishing the daily schedule and other documents as we get closer to camp

             t)  Lauren reminded everyone that she will be blogging and hopes to have it not go out on email every day so interested parties should go to the website to check in


Camping Report was given by Don and Tom

  1.  Reservations at Ridgeley have been made

    1. Activity is golf as well as the flag ceremony at the fort, the museum tour, and the ongoing archeological dig on site

    2. Attendance can vary due to being just after summer camp but is a fun campout to attend

  2. Taylors falls reservations have also been made for us and the venturers

    1. Climbing and bouldering are the activities

    2. Typically we have invited cub scouts and other friends to attend as a recruiting event

  3. OA conclave for OA members is Sept 16-18th


Quartermaster report was given by Chris

  1.  Has been working on shed cleanup

  2. May need to do a garage sale

  3. Paul suggested we may want to make a gear donation to one of the scoutreach units in either Mpls or St Paul who struggle to provide gear to their scouts.


Scoutbook update was given by Aaron

  1.  The import from troopmaster went well altho the scoutnet import required some technical assistance.

  2. Some data entry will be required and aaron asked for volunteers, Paul raised his hand

  3. Hoping to make the full switch in thenext month


Nominating CommitteeReport was given by Aaron

  1.  While Mike Z and Mike K are doing a great job as SM, they agreed to step in for a short time while our SM search was completed.

  2. Group of troop leaders has been working to find and recruit right person for last year and a half

  3. We believe to have found this person and he has agreed to take the job on for a period of 3 years possibly longer.

  4. Joe Schleiss is an alumni of our Troop, he received his Eagle Scout at age 17 and following graduation from high school, he has served a little over 6 years in the US Army.   Joe was trained as a medic and served in combat in Afghanistan at a couple of different FOB’s supporting a variety of infantry and special forces troops, and providing care to the local populace.   He has also served with Boy Scout Troops in Washington State and in Colorado as an assistant Scoutmaster where he completed all of the BSA training required for the SM job and quite a bit that wasn’t required.   Joe will be leaving the Army in mid July and he will be moving here to the Twin Cities with his wife, Laura, and their two dogs.   Laura has been admitted to a grad school program and Joe is finalizing a career in the medical field as we speak.   Joe will be at camp so anyone interested in speaking with him can find him at the beach.

  5. Per the Troop handbook, we are announcing this at the July meeting with the intention of holding a confirmation vote at the August parent meeting.   The transition from Mike Z to Joe would then take place over the course of the month of August.

  6. Mike Z and Mike K both noted that a younger man in this position is exactly what the troop needs and that they will both be staying on as assistants to provide support as needed.


Advancement report was given by Paul who outlined fast track at summer camp as being the morning two MB sessions designed to get the first year boys through second class and mostly through the 1st class requirements.


Walt presented his Eagle project for approval which is the construction and installation of two moveable platforms for 55 gal drums that will serve to feed the drip irrigation system that waters the gardens at holy family school in Victoria.  The gardens produce is donated each year to PROP here in EP.   Walt plans to complete the project this fall, will require 4-10 volunteers, and is accepting all input on his design for the platforms.


Paul briefly outlined the requirements for an eagle project which are to complete a significant project for a non profit that requires both planning and leadership.   There are no minimum hours required anymore but generally we find that 100 man hours is appropriate for many of our scouts.   Walt is making the proposal because he requires the signature of several people including the CC and SM to move on to district approval.


Finance report was given by Tyler, we have lots of money.   $13,319 in the troop account of which $8346 is in the Scout accounts and $4975 is in the general fund.  This does not include an summer camp or high adventure monies which are accounted separately.   A question was asked about the accounting method and Tyler clarified.


Charter report was given by Lauren who noted that she reserved rooms for the year and that she reserved the gym from 6-7pm each Monday before our meeting for our use….except on voting days.


The Cub Pack laision report was given by Drew who asked for a replacement, preferably someone who still has a connection to the pack via a younger son.


Adjourn at 815pm