August Parents' Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2016

Troop 370 Parent Meeting Minutes


  1. PLC Report. Eric C, SPL. Jackson P standing in for Eric C. Ft Ridgely campout is slated for August 19-21. Next Monday is a golf presentation right after a history presentation. Taylor’s Falls is slated for September campout.

  2. SM Report – Mike Z, SM. Summer camp went well. Fast Track is going well. Planning for Fort Ridgely – will need more adults to come if they can.

  3. Additions to Agenda – none

  4. Team Report

    1. Activities

      1. Summer Camp – follow-up and close-out issues. Overall it went well. Boys had a wrap-up meeting last month. Can have an adults wrap-up meeting if desired.

      2.  Ft Ridgely – Aug 19-21 – historical sites

      3.  Interstate SP (Taylor’s Falls) – Sep 9-11. Climbing. Aaron is trying to track down climbing gear – is having a hard time finding. Planning to invite the Cub Scouts to this campout.

      4. Carver Park or Camporee – Oct 7-9. Boys would rather do Carver – we would plan to invite the Cub Scouts to that one.

      5. Halloween Walk. October 29. Drew thinks with the bigger group we can do well with a little structure and guidance. Would like to start earlier in September prepping.

    1. Scoutbook Transition – Making progress. Entering data in the system which is sometimes tedious work. Can involve Scouts but individual parents will have to invite – Aaron will send info out on how to conduct. Scoutbook will significantly reduce or may eliminate the need for blue cards to track merit badges.

    2. ScoutMaster Transition – Votes on transitioning to Joe S as SM. Motion, seconded, unanimously passed.

    3. Advancement - Paul S. Fast Track update – going well, moving along. Walter T – Eagle Status – preparing for but no report.

    1. Membership. Rechartering complete.

      1. Virtus Training – Paul S –

      2. Outdoor Leader Essentials – May 27-30 at Voyager Bay

    1. Service –

      1. Need help on August 13 or 20th – pick the day – staffing PROP desk at Target. 3 shifts per day, 3 hours each. The Scouts have not been talked to about it yet.

    2. Communications –

      1. - updated through December

      2. John N – Handbook updates in March

    3. Finance

      1. No report. Please get in any receipts for money owed from summer camp.

    4. Charter Report – nothing to report.

  1. Other Reports

    1. Cub Scouts. Looking for Drew’s replacement.

    2. Venture Crew. They are camping with us in September.

    3. Order of the Arrow. Conclave Sep 16-18.

    4. Mustang District. Round Tables have begun. If SM wants to go or send someone that would be great.