December 2016 Parents' Meeting Minutes

December 5, 2016

Troop 370 Parent Meeting Minutes


  1. PLC Report. Jackson P, SPL. Court of Honor on Dec 18th. Sledding on Dec 19th at Staring Lake – meet at warming house. Will be no ice fishing on Dec 10th as there is not enough ice.

  2. SM Report – Joe S, SM. 3x Scouts are finishing ternderfoot; have a couple of Scouts coming up for 2nd class..

  3. Additions to Agenda – none

  4. Team Report

    1. Activities.

      1. Ice Fishing – December 10 – cancelled.

      2. COH – December 18. A Sunday. Have gym from 4-6, could start at 4:30.

      3.  Sledding, Staring Lake, December 19th at 7 PM.

      4. Church is closed on 19th – will be last meeting until early January.

      5. December 31 – WWII Air Museum, South St Paul. A Saturday – Don R has a friend whose grandfather was shot down in WWII, a very interesting story. The boys would like.

      6.  Wild River – January 21-22 – drive up Saturday morning to avoid having to set up in dark on Friday night.

      7. Klondike – February 10-12 – Stearns

      8. Ajawah – March 10-12

      9. High Adventure 2017 –

        1. Isle Royale approve August 7 – 13 – need to schedule in January when to start and finish.

    1. Quartermaster – Chris J – nothing to report.

    2. Committee Positions 2017 – Sev’l open positions - let Don know if interested in taking on a new role.

      1. Motion to approve, 2nd, unanimous pass org structure as presented at meeting.

    3. Scoutbook Transition – working well, some minor points – pushing calendar into it; advancement could ultimately replace blue card process. Troop 370 website is transitioning into an outward, marketing tool rather than an informational resource because the info security that Scoutbook provides. Paul S asks that people update their email address in Scoutbook.

    4. Advancement - Paul S. transitioning to Drew. Fast Track update – almost done. Eagle status – Walter T, Erik J, Luke J progressing. Need to work on Jackson P and Andrew C.

    1. Service – Legos at Oak Point – we may be asked to do 2-3 hours / 6 months in support of a Legos project at Oak Point.

    2. Finance

      1. Fund raising. Wreath p/u; church sales, holiday boutique. Sold excess wreaths; approx $2000 in church sales; will wrap up at December 18th COH.

    3. Friends of Scouting – handed out at 18 Dec COH.

    4. Charter Report – Father Marc wants to get to know Troop 370.

  1. Other Reports

    1. Cub Scouts. Looking for Drew’s replacement.

    2. Venture Crew. Gander Mountain 2 January – indoor range simulator.

    3. Order of the Arrow. Elections in January.

    4. Mustang District. None.