2019 Precamp work weekend pictures

Pictures from camp work weekend. I took more but this is all I’m posting in the blog. I figured out how to post pictures in the blog now, and it takes jumping through some hoops and doing cartwheels for each picture, so now at least I know how to post some pictures, but it will be limited.

Camp is just a few short days away, do you know where your sunscreen and bug spray are? Will the hot and humid weather stick around? Will we have brownies? Come back here to find out!

a lot of thinking going on here. I think lawn mower repair.

a lot of thinking going on here. I think lawn mower repair.

working on a new deck face

working on a new deck face

a newly painted, pristine women’s latrine

a newly painted, pristine women’s latrine

painting the inside of one of the new latrines.

painting the inside of one of the new latrines.

Pre-camp work weekend

June 7&8 I was lucky enough to go with the troop to a work weekend at Voyager Bay. My goal for the campout was to try to spruce up the women’s latrine. Sure a two hour job, but I managed to turn it into an entire weekend project, thereby keeping me from being pulled into other projects. Let me tell you, that latrine looks glorious. The complete whitewash of the inside all but glows in the dark! Johann and Sam both helped me and it was fun to work with them and get to know them better.

My main reason for posting today is twofold. Sharing a few pictures I took, and trying to figure out how to write to this blog in preparation for summer camp. I know it is always a situation where I need to relearn the details. Somehow I thought I wrote up instructions last year, but can’t find them. So I’m writing up new instructions, and also next year probably won’t be able to find them.

Before we get to the pictures, let me just say how wonderful it was to be at camp. A nice group of people who all, if you can believe it, like camp EVEN MORE, than me! The weather was perfect, the food was wonderful, I made brownies (old times sake), whatever was moving outside my tent at night didn’t bust inside, I tried out Dave’s cot with mat and loved it, great company carpooling with Skoog. A week at camp gets a little long, but these short weekends make me want to go back again real soon.

Ok sorry I can’t easily see how to post pictures here so I’ll do some digging around and if I figure it out I’ll post a pre-camp work weekend part 2. For now I’ll get this posted before I accidentally delete it.

L's blog-Friday aft. through Saturday morning. Posted Monday

Ok wrapping up here.  A beautiful day today - Friday.

Music this morning in the kitchen was “classic rock”.  I’ll have to find that one at home. It was fun making the brownies to this music.  

Lunch today was NODEATH lunch which is basically leftovers from the week served by the alumni.  They really make it fun and the boys have been looking forward to it for several days.  There is always something new and unexpected.  Today they handed out tickets before, then drew numbers, and called the boys by number.  I had brownies for lunch to soften things a little.  It was all lighthearted and fun. 

Middle afternoon I got a weather alert about a health advisory due to smoke in the air from fires in Canada.  Who would think you’d go up north and get air pollution?  Through the rest of the afternoon the haze across the lake got much thicker and I could occasionally smell smoke. 

Swimming MB was easy since they were already done.  I gave them a choice of jumping in water with clothes on, and snorkeling and they chose the latter.  I had forgotten to tell parents about sending clothes so they said they didn’t have extra clothes.  One told me he only had one pair of long pants and didn’t want to get them wet.  Go figure, a reminder, boys really shouldn’t be wearing shorts here.  Too many bugs.  If they come home with legs that look like chicken pox, they likely didn’t wear long pants.  Just don’t even let them bring shorts.  Only swim suit and long pants.  

I continue to be amazed at the guys who work so hard, first to set up camp, they work hard all week, then work hard to take everything down.  They are a good inspiration for me but I can’t live up to that standard.  I’m just glad a few fresh people arrive these last couple days to help power through to the finish.  

The kitchen staff, same thing, precrew, all week, and a lot of cleanup up at the end, all while continuing to make meals for all of us.  

A beautiful breeze in the evening here. As I sit here at the beach I see a part of a rainbow.  Paradise.  Wifi got taken down this afternoon at the beach, but I’m still able to type a document here and paste it into the blog later.

I don’t see the smoky haze this evening like I did in the afternoon. 

Dinner tonight, awesome as usual.  Steak, fried onions, cheesy potatoes, raw veggies, apples.  

This evening the boys (and us) prepared our own gear for packing out tomorrow and cleaning up campsites.  It's cooling off nicely so I’m guessing a good sleeping night.  I’ll be tired as I didn’t get a nap in today.  

Campfire:  Better than previously in the week.  Some of the boys actually had a skit that was relevant with some things that happened in the week.  They stuck to their prepared skits and it all finished quite early.  The scoutmaster also had a good scoutmaster minute giving the boys inspiration. After the boys left many of the adults stuck around the fire (it was a nice fire) visiting and sharing stories.  It was a fun time bonding.  

Saturday morning was pack up and leave.  The adults packed themselves up first, then reminded the boys to keep moving.  We had a short quick breakfast of bagels, cereal bread, fruit, etc.  Then the boys packed into cars and left to allow NODEATH to do the last couple hours of closing camp. 

A great week.  Weather was perfect with only a short amount of rain on Thursday.  There were storms on Friday nearby, but they didn’t affect our camp.  I look forward to next year. 

L's blog, Friday morning, 2018

Friday morning:
Rained all night; my tent stayed dry.  Good news for me because other adults complained their didn’t.  Everything was dewy this morning though.  We (ok Jeff) put on an extra rainfly from an old tent so that seemed to take care of the leak we have in the “new” tent.  Gotta love when tents come pre-leaked.  I didn’t hear anything about the boys.  I know at least one ended up sleeping in the storm shelter, I think.

Rained this morning up through assembly and during serving, but now for the moment it seems to have stopped.  I think I heard it is ending this morning.  Today is a big day for cleanup, etc. so all hands on deck.  I’ll be helping during first period, nap during second - I hope.  I’ve also gotta go through some old pictures from past summer camps to load to the archival folder.  I saved that job for camp, with all the spare time I thought I’d have.  Lol. Same with typing and revising my Swimming MB notes.  

Breakfast this morning was toasted bagels, cereal, oatmeal, apples, oranges.  As usual, more than I eat at home.  There was some adult concern, coffee was slow to be brewed.  

OA campfire last night.  It was an amazing fire just as it was lit - as you might imagine.  It died down about the time everyone arrived and then was burning great as everyone left.  We have two new OA scouts.  It’s been a couple years, so it was nice to start this again.  I don’t remember it raining through the ceremony, so it must not have.  The ceremony changed this year, to make it more culturally appropriate.  I thought they did a great job with the rewrite.  Å

I just was informed that Bobby qualified on archery yesterday. 

Good music this morning coming out of the kitchen - early 70's mix.  

Since I will be busy doing cleanup, my blogs today might be scarce or very short.  We’ll see.  

L's Blog, Thursday evening, 2018

Early Evening on Thursday.  I’m enjoying quiet at the beach.  

Dinner tonight was pork chop night. Only it wasn’t “pork chops” per se but pork medallions.  Giant pork medallions.  Mine was truly delicious, lots of flavor, tender.  Also mashed potatoes, applesauce, raw veggies, corn.  If i spend time telling you how good each meal is, that would be all I’d be blogging about.  A year or two ago I did that, but now it’s time to share other things about camp.  But suffice it to say, the food is always good.

Some rain this afternoon, but except that rain at lunch it wasn’t hard.  I think it rained at swimming MB but we were under a tarp.  About half way through that class we heard thunder, so we packed up and moved up near the A-frame to finish the class.  Two of my scouts finished the MB today.  We will find some fun for them to do tomorrow.  The third went home early.  He has most of it finished - all of the in-the-water is finished, and only a couple discuss/explain things left.  The boys were very proud to be done. 

Activity period we had a canoeing activity at the beach.  Since we were concerned for the weather we stuck close to camp, but didn't have any issues and we made sure someone was watching the weather for us. 

Open swim again we wanted to be careful with the weather, but wanted to balance that with the boys needing activity.  Again, no weather issues.  

We had a couple parents come up to visit just for the afternoon and evening.  They aren’t staying the night.  We always like showing off camp to guests.  

Haven’t seen the baby loon, but did see a pair of adults.  So we are assuming that baby is a goner.  This afternoon we did see the eagle fly overhead.  We noticed it because the loons were really screaming and looked carefully and there was the eagle. 

A quiet evening for us at the beach.  Other adults will have adult gun night.  Then campfire.  It was a good day.  I didn’t hold out a lot of hope for the weather when we heard last night it would be rain all day.  It really wasn’t a problem for me. 

L's blog, Thursday afternoon, 2018

Good afternoon.
After a heavy but brief rain at the end of lunch it’s been ok weather-wise.  The air was very stagnant for a bit after the rain, but now there is a nice breeze again.  As soon as it started to sprinkle all the boys made a beeline for their campsites, presumably things were left outside to get wet.  Smart they did because the sprinkles very quickly turned to rain.  My husband and I had prepared yesterday but moving all non-essential things out of our tent into our car.  Our newish tent has a drip problem right in the center and along one of the sides.  I’ve looked at it and tried to fix it but I just haven’t figured out how it’s leaking. So anyway, this morning we put an old tent fly over the current one and it seemed for this short rain to keep everything dry.  We’ve also learned to put a tarp over our bed.  Since the rain came about an hour sooner than we expected, we didn’t have our raincoat or the tarp over the bed.  All is good and dry though, so it was good to get the warning shot of the rain. 

Now I’m just getting caught up on stuff before Swimming MB starts.  We have a lot of “discuss and explain” kind of stuff.  

Still no sign of the baby loon.  There were two adults off the beach area though….

Lunch was brats or hotdogs, chili for topping, homemade mac and cheese, veggies, brownies.  

Knowing rain was on the way, I was feeling a bit down on the end of camp.  Now I’m all energized again.  Life is good.  

L's blog, Thursday morning

Good morning.
I don’t feel like I have a lot to report, but I have a few things:
A couple days ago, maybe Tuesday (?) the cook patrol was fired from their job of serving food.  I think they weren’t maintaining adequate portion control.  The serving line has really sped up since then. 

Campfire last night was odd, more odd than usual.  Admittedly I was a bit late and missed the beginning…There was a crew of scouts “guarding” the camp director Ben, during the campfire, due to a suspected potential assassination attempt.   It’s possible NODEATH had a hand in inspiring this.  I think there was a counter suspected assassination attempt on the scoutmaster.  This went on during the short campfire, I guess it was one of the patrol’s skits.  But during the scoutmaster minute the assassination was attempted and things quickly devolved.  I believe this morning Colt is in charge.  

The rock has come up again.  I think there were clues placed around camp that would eventually lead to the rock; I think the rock was found, but maybe not through proper channels. Sorry, I know I don’t have the full story on all this.  I’m giving you the best I got, and the best I remember people telling me.  I think there also have been activities to inspire night operations.  Night ops have been a long standing troop activity, but without a lot of older boys to shepherd this along, it has more or less disappeared.  So I believe there have been some nighttime scavenger hunts setup by NODEATH to encourage this activity.  Again, I don’t know a lot about this. 

Breakfast this morning was a new batch of that delicious home cured, home smoked bacon, along with pancakes, orange and apple slices, biscuits, etc. Check the menu, I might have missed something.  

I took a couple pictures of first period merit badge that I’ll add to the album.  

Weather this morning is great.  A light haze, breezy, cool, pleasant.  I believe rain is expected, but I feel fortunate that we have a great morning.  Pork chop night.  It always rains on pork chop night.  For our prayer this morning we did Johnny Appleseed and I think that has something to do with rain too. 

Some other blog posts have gone up here.  I’ll have to read them.  I think they are from the Communications MB.  

There is a single loon off the dock.  Haven’t seen the baby yet.  

Sam T. Blog Post - Communications MB

Here at Voyager Bay, us Scouts have to learn to work together. This is why we have Delta, our team building class, led by Mrs. Lebens. The term Delta comes from the military’s team building exercise. In Delta, us Scouts within our own patrols (Roadrunners, Coyotes, Narwhals, and Alphas) participate in challenging activities in order to learn to work together well as a team in order to thrive in our other activities in Voyager Bay and Boy Scouts in general. One example of said activities is the Beach Ball Challenge. Two ropes are laid out on the ground on opposite sides of the field by the A-Frame and the objective is to get the beach ball from one to the other, the only rules being that all Scouts must touch the ball and you can not touch it more than two times in a row. Another activity was getting a bowl of water from Point A to Point B on a wooden board using rope and not being able to touch the board or bowl. Delta is a great way for Scouts to learn to work together and makes them better people in general.

Joseph S. Blog Post - Communications MB

On Monday me and the rest of the people in my patrol (the Coyotes) went to the riffle range. At the range the people in charge are very cautious and take our safety very seriously, so no one ever gets hurt. I think I did well because my bullets were well grouped. I would have done better but they wanted us to shoot right away so they didn’t sight in the gun to us pacifically. In all it was an amazing experience, and I can’t wait for my next activity.

Wesley E. Blog Post - Communications MB

Summer camp has the best food. The gyros are very tasty and the pita bread is cooked just right. Every year we have brownies. The egg bake is something to wake up for in the morning. The pulled pork is smoked for 18 whole hours. The things I’m looking forward to are: Pork Chops, Steak, and N.O.D.E.A.T.H. Day lunch because they throw leftovers on your tray. Those are the best meals in summer camp.

Michael W. Blog Post - Communications MB

This week at voyager bay we found a very special rock. It all started on a Monday afternoon after the 2nd merit badge class had ended for the day. Several scouts were working on their merit badge homework in their campsites waiting for lunch when we found a wooden post in the ground. We spent several minutes trying to pull the post out and inevitably failed. Eventually, we started poking around the post with sticks slowly scraping away the dirt around it. After we had dug down about an inch with the sticks we thought maybe we will find something under this post if we dig it up. If anything, when we take it out fewer people, will trip over it. So we started digging by the end of the day we had 2ft x 2ft x 4ft hole. At the bottom of the whole right under the post, we found a rock. After celebrating the finding of the rock we wrote a presented a skit about the rock at the Monday night campfire. That night we took the rock back to our campsite and left it in front of our tents. The next morning the rock had turned to gold. How this happened is still a mystery. That evening all the patrols came together for a peaceful campfire to once again celebrate the finding and transmutation of the rock.

L's blog, Wednesday evening, 2018

Wednesday evening
I think not too much since afternoon.  I received two emails today. One from someone who is cheering for the eagle.  I can’t say I’m cheering either way.  It's just interesting to watch.  I haven’t seen the baby since this morning, however during open swim there was a territorial thing going on between three loons.  Lots of chasing and flapping and running across the water.  It lasted quite awhile.  

Lake isn’t glassy like it has been the last few days, but still quite calm.

Supper tonight - hamburger, cheese, bacon, lettuce, onion, tomato, french fries (these were exceptionally good), veggies (broccoli, carrots, celery, cucumbers), pudding.  All delicious.  I was amazed there was food leftover because lots of people went back for seconds.

The bug bites are starting to get to me.  Over the course of a week they start to accumulate.  At first a few aren’t too bad, but they seem to get worse as I get more.  Kind of a sitting duck with wet skin getting out of the water at the beach.  Somewhere I have Benadryl cream, but I haven’t been able to find it. Don nicely loaned me his cortisone lotion.  

Said goodby to Dean.  Nice to have him visit. Dave and Jon left this afternoon. Nice they could spend the time they did with us. Nice of all who took vacation to help at camp.  Thank you!!

Campfire tonight. I don't have high expectations.

I’m going to end it here so I can sort through my pictures to put out to the google folder.  

L's blog, Wednesday afternoon #2, 2018

Wednesday afternoon:
Lunch today was grilled cheese sandwiches, vegetables with ranch dressing, tomato or chicken noodle soup, grapes, apple slices, brownie.  The secret soup didn’t make an appearance.  

After lunch I went to the archery and shooting ranges to take a couple pictures.  Then I had to run back to the beach in time to teach swimming MB.  The boys did the big swim, we talked about some safety and health topics, and had some extra time so we got out the snorkel equipment and let them snorkel the swim area.  They had fun with this.  Snorkeling is a past requirement of the swimming MB that got removed a few years ago, so while it isn’t required, I still try to allow the boys to have the experience if there is time.  

Dean came down to the beach for a bit to visit.  

After Swimming MB a boy who didn’t complete this MB last year came early for activity period and we worked him through his remaining in the water requirements.  We will find time either here at camp, or back in town to finish the explain/discuss items.

Activity period at the beach was four boys for canoeing.  I stayed on shore, and a dad went out with Jeff.  The boys had fun.

Open swim.

L's blog - Wednesday afternoon 2018

Wednesday early afternoon

I’ve been asking others what to include in the blog, and some have given me ideas, but I think I’ve forgotten them all.

Dean arrived right after breakfast. Everyone was happy to see him.  For those of you who don’t know Dean, he is one of the old guard for the troop and was one of the few who set the direction of the troop and camp.  I think Dean is staying all day today.  

A scout told me Bobby keeps requalifying at the rifle range.  I think there was a mention that he wants to join a shooting team at school?

New is the google photos album that I mentioned last night.  Now that it is set up I’ll walk around and take a few pictures, so my plan after writing this is to walk up to the two ranges to take a few pictures to add to the album.  If you haven’t found that album yet, I suggest finding it to see pictures from camp 2018.  More will be added throughout the week.

The cookstaff beta tested cinnamon rolls/caramel rolls this morning.  Apparently it was a fail so it will be doughnuts again next year instead of rolls.  I didn’t see any problem with them, but they didn’t meet the high standards of the cook staff.  Anyway, since I’m the brownie maker, I have access to the kitchen and therefore access to the “failed” caramel rolls.  They were delicious.  Weight loss won’t be a problem for me at camp, never is.  

I see a lot of happy, content boys during free time at camp.  

As I type this, I see the eagle again fishing along the shore.  The loon is really calling out scolding him. I’m impressed this baby manages to stay alive.  The eagle just flew low over the beach. Good thing there are no small boys around. This morning as I woke, I could really hear the loons calling on the lake. I assumed Loonicide was happening as I lay there, but the baby is still with the adult on the water.  

It’s slightly warmer today, but there is a breeze too.  I keep hearing of rain tomorrow.  That would be a bummer. 

The work on the garage continues.  There have been several trips to the dump to get rid of junk and that whole area really looks empty, organized and cleaned up.  

Ok I’d better finish this off to get up to the range to take pictures.  Maybe another entry tonight. 

L's blog, Tuesday night, posted Wednesday morning

Tuesday night - posted Wednesday morning. 

After submitting the last post, the eagle came back. Third time that I know of today.  First we heard the loon.  I comment how pretty and peaceful it sounded.  Then I said it almost sounds sad. Then we saw the eagle swoop by it and the loon started flapping and squawking and flapping across the water after the eagle. The eagle was headed to where the other adult and baby were.  It swooped down and the adult with the baby raised quite a ruckus and the eagle flew away.  The eagle and the adult definitely made contact and I’m not sure how the baby was involved.  So we will see tomorrow.  

The scoutmaster found me tonight and asked if I received the link to the google photos he had sent to everyone.  I had, but I didn’t know how to move photos from my google photos to his troop one.  He stood with me and pointed out what to do…so simple.  So now I will start putting my photos there.  You all should have gotten an invite to that link.  I think you need to have a gmail account which is easy to get.  Or he thought maybe they could get you a troop370.net account.  I haven’t taken too many photos yet just because I didn’t know what I would do with them.  Now I’ll try to take more around camp and load them to that google account.  Email me if you don’t get what I’m talking about and I’ll give more detail. 

It didn’t seem as dark tonight.  All week not only has the moon been a tiny sliver, but early in the evening it is low in the sky. Tonight it was a bit higher, and more than a sliver.  So now walking on the road in the dark, I can actually see the road.  

Sounds like rain all day Thursday and possibly Friday.  That would totally be a bummer and I hope that forecast is wrong.  We really have had perfect weather since about Sunday noon.  Ending camp, especially all the work involved in the teardown is a pain when everything is wet.  

For anyone who knows Colt, the Scoutmaster's dog, he was able to climb up on the platform by himself tonight.  First time.  

Good night.  

L's blog, Tuesday evening, 2018

Tuesday evening.  
Sitting on the dock of the beach enjoying the loons who are fishing right off the end of the dock.  It's an adult and a baby.  A second time today we saw an eagle swoop down and the loons make a flapping noisy ruckus.  The eagle flew away but we just couldn’t tell if he got the baby.  But tonight we see the baby, so it will live for another day. 

Mile swim was tonight.  Given that the water was like glass made it almost ideal conditions.  I was thinking we had decided during a parent meeting that we would do this every other year and this year would only allow those who didn’t do it last year, but we ended up opening it up to more boys and we had eight attempt the mile, with seven finishing.  It was impressive every one of those seven whether he finished first or last.  That was a lot of work and it took grit, perseverance determination, and persistence.  There was almost a photo finish at second place.  The one who spent most of the swim in third place really poured it on at the end, and the one in second place also poured it on.  It was a sprint and the final tapped the jug an arms length in front of the other.  You’ll have to check with them to hear who was who.  

Swimming MB I believe finished all but one of the in-the-water requirements.  We didn’t want to do the Big Swim right before the mile swim, so we practiced strokes and then let them play out at the dock for the last five minutes.  

Supper tonight was chicken, potato salad, carrots, celery, peas.  I’ll try to remember to post the menu they posted for today.  They really have fun with the cooking.  

Our ranks are shrinking.  Each day another person or two leaves.  This is the quiet part of the week.  

Some of the boys are looking tired.  They are up late, and up early.  And busy the whole time.  Especially the younger ones who are used to getting more sleep, this can be hard.  But they all tell me they are having a good time at camp.  

I got my first email from the Treats tonight.  I did see three envelopes yesterday.  If there were any today, I missed them.  

Temp right now at 8PM is 71 degrees with dew point of 56. 


L's blog, Tuesday afternoon, 2018

Coming to you again from Voyager Bay on Tuesday afternoon.  Things are like a well oiled machine today, everyone is doing their thing.  Weather is beautiful, bugs aren’t bad, lake is like glass as I sit here looking at it now.  

Breakfast this morning was French toast, bacon (home cured, home smoked, fabulous) apples, oranges.  I need to remind myself to chose my “seconds” wisely, I don’t need to go home with extra pounds put on.  Lunch was Tacos.  Now these aren’t just any tacos.  I saw the cooks prep them while I was in the kitchen making brownies.  They cut up chicken and cooked it on the griddle with extra taco seasoning, and then cooked it again.  This was quite a process.  The tacos were soft shell with lettuce, cheese, tomato, onion, onion with cilantro, cilantro, sour cream. Of course there were the brownies I barely got done in time.  They were a bit gooey, maybe too gooey.  

I did make it to the forge today to see the metalworking MB in action. I didn’t stay long but it was quite impressive.  The boys are very lucky to have this MB offered, and the instructor is very knowledgeable and patient.  He helps the boys figure out how to get their project just right.  The instructor wasn’t able to come to camp last year, and isn’t always available, so for the boys to get it this year is a treat.  

Speaking of treat, I did see three “Treat” letters come through yesterday at supper assembly.  

The canoeists swamped their canoes today and seemed like they enjoyed that.  Sorry I didn’t get pictures.  

Our beach director Kevin witnessed “our” baby loon almost get taken out by an eagle.  I wasn’t there - making brownies - and he was sitting at the beach when an eagle swooped over the beach real low.  When the eagle got out of sight to the left he heard a bunch of scolding from the loons so walked out on the dock to see the fracas with the loons and eagle.  I think it sounded like the baby loon made it safely for now.  

We are looking at making great progress on the Swimming MB this afternoon, and a few of the boys will hopefully make a try at the mile swim. 

L's Blog, Tuesday morning, 2018

Tuesday morning.  I slept well last night.  

Pranks have been odd this year.  I think the boys didn’t have older boys modeling appropriate pranks for them.  So I’m hearing about zip ties, but not much else.  I think this morning zip ties for pranks has been banned, but other pranking is allowed.  I’ve never seen it quite so explicit but I think this is a baby steps type of thing.  I also hear that the rock from last night turned up gold this morning.

I slept well last night. I did have to get up to use the latrine and was worried about a dog announcement, but he slept through the door opening, or at least didn’t care. 

Each day gets a little quieter with additional people leaving.  I always miss that higher level of buzzing activity.  

This morning I will try to go to the forge to see that in action, then watching the canoeing MB.  I’ll try to find time this morning to make brownies for lunch.  

I did try adding a thumbnail into the last blog post and I think it worked, so I'll try to do it that way from now on.  So probably no thumbnails without a blog post anymore

While comments don't seem to be working on the blog, if you have questions or want to comment, you can send an email to me, just like you would to the boys.  There are directions for that on the website somewhere under voyager bay.