2019 Saturday Day 8

Good Morning!

This year feels different to me. For the first time I am disappointed to have the week come to an end. The weather couldn’t have been better and the scouts all very nice. Things hummed along all week quite nicely.

Supper last night was steak, cheesy potatoes, fried onions, raw veggies. Delicious as always.

Camp fire last night the skits were pretty good! It was a pleasant surprise. The were relevant to the week, and everyone did something. I reprised my theme from Wednesday - kindness - and shared my favorite kindness quotes.

Sleeping last night was perfect temperature and I slept pretty well. Now it’s cleanup, close up camp, and clear out. Unless there is something specific, this is my last blog for the year. Glad to have you all aboard. It’s my pleasure to ramble on and have people listen.


PS did you notice the two communications MB scouts got their blog entry in just under the wire.

2019 Anton’s blog

Today at camp we woke up to the song “Friday”. After the song we went to the morning assembly as usual. Then, we continued our day taking merit badge classes and cleaning up camp during our afternoon activity. Today was also NODEATH day, so for lunch we had a wide verity of food. These foods include ham, turkey, apples with hummus, and pancakes with syrup. During open swim the NODEATH were able to come with us out onto the raft. Shortly after open swim we had dinner. For Dinner we had steak, cheesy potatoes, and carrots. That brings me here 19:01 Friday the 26th of July.

2019 Williams blog

Hello! As camp comes to a close, i thought it would be a good opportunity to show what we liked and disliked about camp this year. Sam Smith, A first year liked the campfires, and Wesley Erpelding liked the raft and swim time. I personally liked Swim time and Evening and afternoon activities. Sam smith disliked the bugs as did all us and Aiden also disliked the insects. *cough cough* spray more pesticides *cough cough*

anyway, we are all looking forward to getting home and will see you soon!

2019 Friday afternoon

A perfect weather week, possibly Jeff and my best. Today was a little warmer with a bit more humidity. Earlier this after noon it was dewpoint 67 with temp of 77. Now it’s 84 with dewpoint of 59.

The fishing MB reported they saw a pair of loons this morning with a baby. They caught a fish and were feeding it to the baby. Sadly seeing a loon has become commonplace so we don’t remark on it and tell everyone about it. But loons are all over the place. At any given time you can look around the lake and see a loon, but sometimes they come in quite close.

Lunch today was NODEATH lunch. Always new hilarity. The raptor costumes made an appearance - four. There was a lot of pepperoni, lettuce, and bread with a mixture of all kinds of other stuff. Then more was brought out for seconds.

After lunch I don’t remember what I did, just general personal errands. Then third period was canoeing, and fourth was swimming. Both MBs scouts finished those. I also heard Archery people finished.

Dean, I hear you’re getting sprung today. I’m hoping we can stop by on our way out tomorrow. Would be extremely brief.

We did some cleanup during adult bath time around the beach and loaded into trucks.

Up next is mandatory bath/open swim, dinner (steak night), Cleanup camp, then campfire. I don’t know if I’ll get another blog written or not.

2019 Friday Morning

Good Morning!

Some rain came through last night. Wasn’t bad but I had memories from the storm three years ago so I didn’t want to stay in my tent and I ran to the A-frame at the start. I only had a little phone battery, but I watched the radar and first it looked like it would go around us, then it reformed and the red came right at us, and I could hear lightning in the distance, that’s what convinced me to get out. So I ran up the road, it was just a light sprinkle, but when I got to the top of the A-frame it really started raining hard. I’d say it rained hard for about 20 minutes, but no lightning nearby. Walking back to the tent it was just a light sprinkle. Of course I was wide awake and it took me a bit to get back to sleep. You would think a middle of the night latrine run would make it less of an emergency in the morning, but Nope!

Breakfast this morning was cereal, orange and apple slices, biscuits.

I checked on the boat this morning. We’ve had water leaking in all week. Our best guess is around the motor mounts. Yesterday morning, with higher winds all night there was more water. Today of course too, because of the rain last night. It’s a nice boat. I’ll try to take a picture or two of the fishing MB in the boat.

My bites have reached a point of intolerability. I sure called it right on the deer flies biting through both my suit and the terry robe. I’ve probably got close to a dozen bites on my belly (reminds me of the pictures my mom took of my chicken pox) and all over my upper legs. The good news is that NO BITES ON MY FEET! Which has historically been a big problem in the past. I have been obsessive this week about drying off my feet immediately upon leaving the water and putting shoes on right away.

I got clarification on the temps earlier in the week. The first two nights Tyler tells me it got down to 56 - perfect!! Haha if you had enough blankets. I didn’t hear much complaining. The third night got down to 64. I’d say high temps all week were upper 70s and lower 80s. Early in the week the dew point was lower 50s. I haven’t checked again until this morning, dewpoint 63. Temp is 67. It’s cloudy, gray. If the sun comes out it will be more hot and humid.

Some shoes with pink laces were up the flagpole this morning. I didn’t see it but I heard two pair. By the time I saw, the shoes were down and relaced. I wonder what happened to the pink! I want! LoL

OA last night. One scout and one adult. I have mixed feelings sharing who, because I think the scout would want to share with the parents. But the adult story was notable, so I’ll share. The adult who was selected ended up staying in camp to get some other work done, so wasn’t present to call out. Someone went back to get the adult and the other non-OA people left (ceremony was over). The OA people stuck around to see Nubia get called out for OA. She was very honored and we are lucky to have her and all the things she does for our Troop. Speaking from personal experience, she does a lot of behind the scenes stuff where you wouldn’t necessarily notice sometimes. Thank you Nubia! Also notable, we had a Vigil member called out too. I wish I could speak to the honor of being selected for Vigil, but I can say it is an honor to be voted by all the OA in the district and Walt has done a lot for the OA district and was very deserving of this amazing honor. We have been lucky to have Walt in our troop, both as a young scout, but also as an adult.

It’s quiet here at the beach, the fishing MB people are out across the lake. I took a picture and will load it to the new Google photos album just created yesterday. I might see the boat coming back.


2019 Thursday evening - Day 6

Good evening. Thanks Michele for the nice note.

My only complaint about camp is my accumulated bug bites - deer flies. I think yesterday and today I wore a terry cloth robe after getting out of the water. I didn’t think the flies would bite through the wet terry, but they do!! Next year I need to bring something else to dry off with and then the robe. Or maybe just change back into clothes. This is my only complaint. Everything else is perfect. It’s porkchop night so a threat of rain all day. I haven’t looked at radar but I know there was a threat this evening, so I don’t know if it is missing us or not. Then I think possible rain overnight too. My rainfly leaks (or used to leak before I tried sealing it again). So I will see if the sealing worked.

Dinner: pork chops (delicious and tender), mashed potatoes, homemade applesauce, corn, and homemade bread pudding. All great.

Canoeing did great in their skills but it was too windy to do the solo. Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Swimming MB completed most of the requirements except diving. Activity period we were supposed to have the first years for canoeing, but they decided they needed to work on their archery arrows.

I’m out now at my favorite spot, the docks of the beach. A light breeze, but I can hear it in the distance.

2019 Thursday Day 6, early afternoon

Ive been asking others for blog ideas of what is going on around camp, but it is slim pickings. Everyone who took Rifle and Shotgun MB qualified.

Things seem to be running pretty smoothly around camp, and all are pretty cheerful.

This morning I made brownies. There was some other stuff but I don’t remember. The beach staff discussed the finer points of financing college.

Lunch today was Brats, hotdogs with chili, noodles Alfredo (substitute for Mac & cheese), raw veggies, brownie, watermelon.

The canoeing MB is just getting started. The plan is to do solo canoeing but it looks quite windy, so the likelihood of that being successful is in question. Forecast shows windy tomorrow too.


2019 Thursday morning Day 6

I think I lost what I wrote previously, so I’ll start again.

The boys returned from he campout/hike reporting it was easy. Others said setting up the tents in the dark was brutal from a mosquito perspective. It was much quieter in camp with half the scouts gone, although I did hear of one shenanigan that was illegal.

Weather still sunny and wonderful but a stronger breeze coming off the lake, which can be nice at the beach because it drives the bugs back into the woods. But it makes more waves so more difficult for any MB that require precision. The Fishing MB did go out fishing to the other side of the lake. The scouts asked to return to where they went yesterday. It’s porkchop night so we all expect rain, and it is on the forecast for later in the day.

Breakfast today was pancakes, homemade bacon, and oranges. The bacon is always a favorite. Another new camper with us, Crystal. She came late last night. I offered that she might take pictures around camp and post them on google photos, so maybe more will be added today. I have more to add also.

The bugs are getting to me. the accumulation of bug bites is a lot. I get a lot of mosquito bites, and they really are bothersome, but they go away. The deer fly bites just accumulate and itch really bad. They are biting me through my clothes. I know I got a lot at last nights campfire.

I need to sign off and go make brownies . I think lunch timing will be good.


2019 Wednesday day 5 evening

One of the many cool things - Jeff and I are sitting out on the dock this evening, enjoying the lake and the peaceful quiet, when we heard all kinds of rustling over by the boat dock,  Then splashing in the water.  It sounded big enough to be a dog,, but we didn’t see anything except reeds moving.  We went back to reading and all of a sudden a merganser duck pops out of the reeds and then a whole large family of about 16 Merganzers comes right up to the side of the beach (where we used to park boats) and starts splashing around and diving in the water.  Then they swam around where we were sitting on the dock and went into the main beach area and did the same thing right up at the shoreline.  Then came out again, went under the dock, diving again, and into the reeds. Super cool! I have pictures and a video.

Wake up song today was “Everything is Awesome”.  I’m actually liking the morning music, I wake up with a smile on my face.  

Other news, Someone qualified in shotgun...I think, but i don’t remember who, and that might not even be right.

The camping MB from this year and last year are going camping tonight offsite and then a hike back to camp here in the morning.  A short one, leave after campfire, arrive before first period

The first years had afternoon activity at the rifle range and shot BB gun (younger) and whatever else (older scout).  

Another beautiful day in paradise, slightly warmer today but not too hot.  A little warmer sleeping last night but still very comfortable under a blanket.

First period fishing MB both scouts caught a fish, one caught two. 

Third period canoeing, both scouts completed some very difficult skills - jumping out of and climbing back into the canoe.  Swamping the canoe and righting the capsized boat with help from a buddy boat, and getting back in.

I’ve been sitting here for about a half hour and just now the first boat is driving on this leg of the lake. I’m always amazed how quiet it is here.  

Shout out to Dean, I received my first email this week, from him.  

The first years seem to be making good progress on fast track, swimming and archery.

New toilet seat in the women’s latrine today. Between the new paint job, the new toilet seat, the artwork on the wall, the “women’s” sign, the lyme, it is back to being respectable. 

Lunch today was grilled cheese sandwiches with doctored up tomato soup, doctored up chicken noodle soup, raw veggies, and warm and fresh homemade sour dough bread.  

Supper tonight was hamburgers (so good) with fixings, frenchfries, onion rings, raw veggies.  there was lots of everything.  And brownies for the adults.  The scouts got me irritated during the night so I told them no brownies for them today.  Sorry parents, tough love.  

Campfire tonight, I have a reading about kindness for that, called Lauren’s life lessons.  Someone put me up to it at dinner a couple nights ago.  

Kermit still seem to be making for activity around camp.  He even has a green swim tag now.  

Don’t read too much into the lack of brownies tonight.  They’ve gotten them every day.  There are lots of happy voices all over camp and they are having a great time.  

2019 Wednesday Day 5

Good Morning! I was having a good nights sleep until I was awoken by a radio incident. I told the scouts this morning that I like brownies, and brownies make me happy. When I’m happy I like to make other people happy. This morning I’m not happy. The adults will get brownies tonight at supper. Otherwise good sleeping weather.

Breakfast this morning was homemade glazed (still warm) doughnuts, with a chocolate sauce make by a chef. Also oatmeal, and I feel like there was something else too. If you haven’t noticed, the menu has been in flux so the order is changing.

First period is starting so I’ll go now to watch fish MB. I plan to move the few pictures I’ve taken to the VB google photos album for you to see. It’s just too hard posting them here in the blog.

I keep forgetting to remind you of the email address. Some of the scouts are getting emails but I wasn’t sure if you all knew. I like emails too! Voyagerbay@troop370.net


2019 Tuesday evening - Day ?

No time tonight but I wanted to get a quick note off to let you know all is well here.

Tonight the boys are occupied by clues to find Kermit somewhere in camp. It’s finding clues, deciphering them, etc. I think evening activity some were building a large, and long box for transporting the long lights we are replacing. I was down at the beach so didn’t see a lot of what was going on.

This afternoon I made brownies for evening meal. I saw the end of the canoeing MB where the two boys were learning how to jump out of a canoe without capsizing it, and get back into the canoe also. Fourth period was swimming MB where we worked on some safety lessons, first aid, and stroke improvement. Afternoon activity was mile swim. We had one adult and 5 boys attempt the mile. The water was calm, but there was enough of a breeze to keep the canoes active staying in line with the swimmers.

Dinner was chicken, potato salad, peas (with a great seasoning), raw carrots and brownies.

After dinner I went back to the beach and now am heading to a campfire in our own campsite. Jim built it before he left.

Weather was slightly warmer today but still beautiful. I hope it cools tonight for sleeping. Another great day.


2019 Tuesday morning - Day 3

Good Morning! Great nights sleep for me! Feeling good! Woke up to the time/temperature/forecast then the song “Ruby Tuesday”.

Can’t remember where I left off, so forgive me if I repeat. Supper last night was spaghetti. Super good! Homemade garlic rolls, and raw veggies. Always good conversation around the dinner table.

I’m told two scouts qualified in rifle yesterday. This is unusual that two would qualify at the same time. It was said that a light breeze kept the bugs away so that might have helped.

Lots of talk around camp about the lack of pranks. Well that ended (the lack of) and after open swim the Alpha patrol discovered their tent was missing. Lots of crabby people. I don’t think they searched too hard, but they had to eat dinner in their swimsuits. During dinner assembly their tent appeared behind the shelter, and I believe help was given to put the tent back.

Kermit is a new ghost in camp. He appears randomly and clues are given. The patrol who finds Kermit gets a prize. Trying to get the scouts moving around camp exploring and patrols working together.

Campfire last night was MUCH better than in the last couple years. Some thought was put into skits, in advance. Relevant topics were addressed such as the missing tent. Also, one of the NODEATH members had lost his engineering ring during precrew, and the beach staff found it. So that was presented with a Lord of the Rings skit by Daniel (with help from me). (I’ve never watched Lord of the Rings, so it all went over my head, but clearly everyone enjoyed the theme and got it.)

The bugs, as always, are getting to me. The deer flies got me yesterday. I’ve been being diligent about keeping my shoes on at the beach so my feel so far have been safe, but yesterday afternoon the deer flies went after my ankles. And I have a ring of bites all around my hat line; remember the gnats we had in May, same type of bites, but I don’t think they’re gnats. Others don’t seem bothered as much by the bites - likely because they’re better at DEET.

Breakfast this morning, french toast, orange slices, homemade, home smoked, home cured bacon. I forgot to mention we watched them smoking the slabs of bacon yesterday, I have a picture that I’ll try to post when I get near Jeff’s laptop.

Adults had a nice Vlasic campfire after the group campfire. We always admire Jim’s beautiful fires. Also good conversation.


2019 Monday afternoon - from the boys

Ben let the boys shoot the super cool compound bow

Alphas found Kermit and are the best patrol

Currently no one has been pranked, but it’s only the beginning

Sam T defeated Bobby in the raft contest.

It gets cold at night. No it doesn’t

Food is good, love the shark sauce. Brownies are delicious.

The emergency preparedness class has run the best drill of all he drills at VB.

The canoe flipped and William went in. All is ok.

The mad pooper has ended his reign of terror.

Bobby has caught two fish. Johann 0.

Colt is cool. (Dog)

The new scouts seem to be fitting right in.

My favorite part: Bobby - open swim; Johann - a week long; William doesn’t know.

As dictated by Johann, Bobby and William to Lauren.

2019 Monday Day 2

Wow day 2 already. A perfect weather day, blue sky with some white fluffy clouds. A little cold last night, so in my mind perfect. The adults had a campfire in Ewok last night and I actually had to put on a sweatshirt. At one point there was a lot of yelling in the distance from the scouts, so I assume some shenanigans were going on. I love sleeping when it’s cold, and then pile on the blankets. That’s what it was last night. Sorry I don’t have a temperature for you, my phone died. I’m having a hard time keeping my devices charged because I like to have them with me. This morning we woke to the song “Monday, Monday”. Fun.

Breakfast was egg bake, biscuit, banana. Delicious of course. After breakfast I decided to take the “new” (to us) motorboat out for a practice. I’m sure i need lots of practice. I took a few friends along and we enjoyed a short trip around the bay. The boat ran well. I wasn’t at fishing MB but they also took the boat out to check out some new spots. I think one of the scouts caught something small. First period I made brownies for lunch, then I went back to my campsite to cut some annoying branches near my tent. Then back to the beach where I swept the motorboat, and read a book.

Lunch was sandwiches, chips, raw veggies, brownie. While we were eating one of the adults eating at the end mentioned there was smoke coming from one of the campsites. So several went to check it out. I never heard the details but they weren’t in a hurry coming back.

After lunch, I retrieved my devices fully charged and headed to the beach where I am now. So cool to see a loon in the reeds to the left of the beach, then moving further away from the back. Another one popped up near the platform. They were calling to each other and then an eagle appeared and was circling between them. The loons were really warning each other and scolding the eagle. The eagle left the area and the look close to us swam right into the beach area in front of the platform.

Now canoeing MB is going on with instructors Jeff and Kevin. Today there is one boy and one adult in each boat.

I’ll try to find out what some of the other scouts are working on and report back.

Did I I say how beautiful the weather is?


2019 Sunday Evening - Day 2

A beautiful day today. I feel so lucky to spend time at this amazing camp.

Lunch today was sloppy joes, chips, raw veggies, delicious

Afternoon for me was making brownies. We put the tray into the oven slightly slanted, so we ended up with thin and crispy or thick and tender/amazing. Seriously, I forgot to serve them for supper. Someone had to come over to me after everyone was cleaning up dinner to remind me to send them out, I think most people got a piece. Fourth period was swimming MB where I have three students. We swam out to the raft, practiced some types of safe rescues, and discussed safe swim defense. A good class. We had beach activity which was canoeing. Jeff went out with the boys so I stayed in and did my swim qual, bathed and visited with other adults.

Open swim was quieter than in years past. The scouts organized their shenanigans on the raft and generally did a nice job.

Supper tonight was amazing as expected. Smoked pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, baked beans, and warm corn muffins. That award winning pork is so tender and good. It was after this meal that I forgot and was reminded to distribute the brownies.

Tonight the scouts in the emergency preparedness MB planned and conducted a drill to the shelter, while the adults had gun night. Jeff and I enjoyed quiet time at the beach and Jeff did a little fishing.

Tonight I see Jim V preparing another of his beautiful campfires, so that will happen after dark. A good day, looking forward to another tomorrow.

a reminder for those of you reading this blog. I post multiple times a day (I only can remember a couple hours worth of stuff) so be sure to scroll down to read each post.

2019 Sunday morning Day 2 Part 2

OK just got the lesson from Alex on the boat. It is very similar to that boat I had as a kid. 70s vintage. Purrs like a kitten, and runs well. A wonderful asset to the camp.

I saw the smoker in progress this morning. I’m assuming it ran all night, and it was commented that we have the pulled pork for supper tonight. For those of you looking at the online menu, there might be some discrepancies as the menu was rearranged a bit.

Seeing several loons, did I mention last night about the babies? They were back again today. We think they might be nesting over by the boat dock.

Still very quiet on the lake. At 11:30AM on a Sunday as I write this, I can see ONE boat being used. So peaceful.

2019 Sunday morning Day 2

Good Morning. I had a good nights sleep last night. I stayed up later than usual with Jim V because he had one of his legendary fires built in our campsite. Adding pictures is complicated, but I’ll try to post a few pictures in a future post. It was a nice evening and we enjoyed visiting, also with Mike Z. #notafanofbugs.

I think I mentioned my excitement at having wifi throughout the camp. The beach (again I’m posting from the beach!) is great. I got into my tent last night thinking I could do a little reading before sleep and I didn’t have wifi there. I figured my tent was too far away, but this morning I found that there was an issue with the battery last nigh for the repeater (not sure that is the right term) and I was promised that will be fixed shortly. So back to being excited. Posting from my tent and from the beach is pretty much the dream.

Some of you who have been here, but maybe it’s been awhile, there are always new additions to camp. This year the most visible one is speaker high above the Aframe. So Saturday lunch before the scouts showed up there was loud music. Last night I heard taps. It sounded so professional and beautiful that I figured it must be an older scout. Truly beautiful. But then I realized it likely was these speakers. (Sorry to the scout if it really was you and I’ll give credit if i confirm it was a scout.) So this morning I discovered more of what these speakers are capable of. If any of you remember Crystal (the computer voice for the radios.) Well now she is also making her announcements from the speakers. So after the first buzzer this morning, we had the time announcement, and then some very loud wakup music. It made me laugh. For one morning. I hope I don’t ever want to sleep in some morning. ;-)

Weather last night was quite cool and refreshing. This morning it is sunny, with a light breeze and cool in the shade.

Breakfast this morning was pancakes, sausage, orange and apple slices, So nice to have hot meals ready for us.

Boat. We have one now, donated by a scout family - THANK YOU! It looks just like the boat my family had as a kid and I pulled many a skier with it. So soon Alex will give a lesson on the boat to the beach staff. This boat is so welcome for the beach from a safety standpoint. During any beach activity, namely Mile Swim, we appreciate having the nimble boat to be able to get somewhere quickly. It will also be helpful for the Fishing MB to be able to find some good fishing spots.

Ope, Alex is here for the lesson, so more later.

2019 Saturday night day 1

The afternoon passed as expected. After swim qual there was a short amount of time until group picture. We all wear our camp T-shirt and this year they are kelly green with white lettering. Problems this year though because most of the shirts are form fitting and super tight, so there was a lot of trading sizes. Supper was awesome, chicken shawarma with roasted veggies. I wish I had taken a picture. It’s hard to describe but think Greek taco using naan bread, with yogurt sauce, cucumbers, tomato and feta. My description doesn’t do it justice. And if the chicken shawarma wasn’t awesome enough the roasted vegetables were so good. I would have liked to go back for thirds and fourths, but I was full after my firsts.

I mentioned there is WiFi at the beach, so I’m writing this just after sunset on the dock watching the loons just 30 yards from me near the beach. An adult with two babies. I never get tired of seeing them. Awesomely in addition to the WiFi at the beach, apparently there is WiFi at the adult sites (I haven’t checked yet) that means I can write this from bed. We’ll see!

Just got the call for campfire so I’ll get this out for now.


2019 - Saturday afternoon, day 1

Three tries to leave my house this morning due to forgotten things. We had rain through Garrison but dry the rest of the way. Emily day was just getting started, they put up the detour signs right behind our car…score! We arrived in camp just in time to have lunch with the precrew. Then enough time to unload our beach stuff and set up our tent when the scouts began arriving. They reported the museum was good but I didn’t get much detail. The weather is amazing after the extreme heat days in town; blue skies,sunny, low humidity, perfect. It was very hot and humid here too on Thursday and Friday. New to report, WiFi at the beach!!! That will help me getting blog posts out, maybe in a more timely fashion. Nice to see some faces from long ago here, glad to see both former scouts, and former parents here. Welcome and thanks for reconnecting with the camp and troop.

I’ll leave here with a description on my view, at the beach, ONE distant boat in sight, and quiet waves lapping at the beach. I can hear birds and wind in the trees, and buzzing.