Lauren's blog - Monday evening

A very hot day today. But quite pleasant down at the beach!

Lunch was a boy favorite - State Fair day. Corn dogs, deep fried cheese sticks. Good food for a kid! Afternoon at the beach was filled with fishing, life saving, and canoeing MBs. A beautiful breeze all day blowing across the lake at the beach. It felt 15 degrees cooler at the beach than the rest of the camp. At 4pm it was 91 degrees with a "feels like" of 101. Dew point was 75.

After open swim a few boys stayed back at the beach and we assisted another scout in completing his last requirement for First Class. Yay!!

Great supper of spaghetti, salad, bread and peaches. Always good camaraderie at dinner.

A great evening to be back at the beach. Lake was a bit choppier than last night, so even though we saw the loons, we didn't canoe out to them. Then we had an all camp campfire and skits/songs/jokes by the boys and N.O.D.E.A.T.H.

This evening we've been preparing for possible rain and storms later tonight. Battening down the hatches and such. Yikes, I know from last year that my tent leaks!!

All the adults are very nice and we get along quite well, with lots of joking too. No one has stolen any of my food yet, but then we haven't had brownies yet either. I haven't had any good prank ideas. I'd tell you to send me some ideas, but all the emails get read, so you would just blow my cover by sending something.

Given the volume of mail I've received, I'm guessing you don't know how to reach me. To send an email to either me or one of the boys, send to Put the name of the recipient in the subject line. Over and out tonight. More tomorrow!