Sunday at Camp - also Monday morning

Lauren here, first in my installment of what may or may not be regular posts from me at camp this week. A forewarning, I am a very verbose writer (yes, talking too!) and while I CAN write grammatically correct, the focus on this blog will be to give you a feeling of my thoughts while at camp. I'm writing from a female adult perspective, and a side goal of mine is to entice a few more women to keep me company at camp. I hope to insert a bit of humor (mine is quite dry) too, so if something sounds odd to you, assume it's my attempt at humor.

J and I arrived just after lunch Sunday as we had a wedding to attend Saturday night. We were disappointed to miss all the reunion festivities and also miss reuniting with some old friends (who left before we arrived), and meeting some of the people who started this camp along this fabulous road of success. Fortunately the cook staff was very kind to us and after the kitchen cleanup was three quarters cleaned up allowed two late arrivals to pull food out again. We would have stopped for lunch on the way, but knew we were needed for third period merit badge so were making tracks the best we could.

A pleasant surprise at camp was the low bug count. I was able to leave my shorts on from driving all day - I KNOW shocking!!. I took a picture at the beach soon after arrival that shows me still a bit clean looking but I'm not sure how to post here. Maybe I'll get that in later in the week.

The afternoon got quite humid and while there was a nice breeze, when the breeze faded occasionally, you could really feel the dense air. The heat index was 90 and when I checked temperature it was 86 degrees - dew point 72.

I hung out at the beach for the third period as a second adult, and fourth period I set up our camp. Thanks to Chris for helping with the poles!

A nice breeze coming off the lake so the beach was the place for me to be, and I headed back there as soon as possible!!

Lifeguarding during open swim went well and I was happy for the many adults on the beach ensuring the success of that activity. Reports from adults were that the water was bracing upon entry, but then felt really great! The water is always clear, but this year seems to be even more clear!

I mentioned above but want to reiterate how nice the cook staff has been to me. (And a bit of suckup never hurts). While I try to be judicious in my requests, they have tried to accommodate mine when made.

Dinner last night was hamburgers, frenchfries, with fixings, and I was starving - they were wonderful! Evening for me was spent on the beach. J and I canoed a bit as we spied from shore two loons with what turned out to be THREE babies. We could makeout extra loon bodies from shore, but as we got a bit closer we could count at least three very tiny bodies with heads on the back of one of the adults. The loons didn't want us to get too close so we were happy to enjoy them from a distance. The lake was very peaceful and we, one fishing boat, and one ski boat waaaayy in the distance were the only ones on the lake. Definitely a highlight of the day!!

Weather during the night was nothing to speak of. The rain didn't materialize and while it was very humid, there was enough of a breeze and temps cooled just enough for good sleeping. We awoke to a bird song that I'm not familiar with. Wish I could describe it to you better but it was a series of three notes that changed pitches several times. It lasted until I went down to breakfast.

First period Monday I "assisted" with the Rowing MB, and that brings me to now. A very hot/humid day is anticipated.

Like the boys I love getting mail at camp, so if you are reading this, please let me know I have an audience. Send me questions, or give me your thoughts.

There are only two other women in camp right now and it gets lonely. ;-)