L's adult perspective - Tuesday evening

Wow the week is flying by!

The weather today was my version of perfect. Not much humidity, comfortable temps, and a breeze to keep the bugs away. Even this morning after the storm, things dried out fairly quickly and the sun came out.

During mandatory-bath/open-swim this afternoon, Jack was able to complete his last in the water requirement for the swimming MB by showing me his diving skills. The boys had fun out on the dock and it is gratifying to see them looking out for each other.

Dinner tonight was BBQ Chicken with potato salad, peas, and pickles. Chicken was wonderful! Then Ben (new alumni) made two batches of Dutch oven cherry/pineapple cobbler which was quickly devoured by the adults looking on. That was a fun and delicious surprise.

After dinner J and I sat on the dock and eventually decided to go fishing. While we were out there three boys from the Fishing MB asked to also fish. Well, THEY got to fish and we were nearby with the canoe. The boys each managed to catch a keeper fish - one a bass, and one a crappie to get them half way to completing that requirement. When we arrived back at shore, just at sunset, they decided to clean the fish right away to get that done. Wow, I never realized how opening up a fish on a dock would create such a frenzy with the mosquitoes. We almost couldn't see through the thicket of them. But the boys persevered and got the fish filleted. They will cook them tomorrow. Great to have that requirement done!

A bit about my "uniform" at camp. I throw out all sense of fashion here. I wear a floppy fishing hat most of the day to block the sun and protect the hair. I wear a class B Scout T-shirt and new this year I wear an open button down long sleeve shirt to protect from bug bites. In the past I have worn a lightweight windbreaker jacket but this button down shirt is working quite well. I got it at Goodwill and was looking for pink, but ended up with a light purple. Then I wear my army colored lightweight cargo pants with zip-off legs. I've never zipped the legs off. These pants were an addition a few years ago as they are cool enough during the extreme hot days, but are long, again for bug protection. Finally for feet I wear long athletic socks bunched up to protect the ankles from bug bites, and sturdy tennis shoes. My hair may or may not be tied in a pony tail depending how hot I am.

One of the three women at camp left for home today. So it is down to two of us. Katie works in the kitchen, and I work at the beach. We don't cross paths too much.

I did receive a note from a loyal reader asking for a boy perspective. Yes, that is actually the purpose of this blog site - I just hijacked it trying to get something going. Of course I can only give you my own perspective when I write. There are some boys in the Communications MB and they have been and are being encouraged to write updates. It is up to them to finally do it! Hopefully you will see something soon, and I will pass along that request to the boys.

I'm heading back to the tent to re-make the bed after drying everything out and hitting the sack. I'm looking forward to a cool and uneventful sleeping night.

Write to me or the boys at voyagerbay@troop370.net. Put the person's name in the subject line.