L's Blog - quick note Wednesday morning

Slept the best so far last night. Cool and wonderful sleeping weather. I woke very refreshed!

If you've never been to camp as an adult you may not appreciate this next part. The adults do a great job of making the week here light and fun for each other. There are always shenanigans, inside jokes, and light hearted-well intended slams to each other. This is all done outside of the boy bubble. So I'm just sayin' that things have been very quiet here. Not much going on and I miss all the scuttlebutt. I'll have to get something started. Please write me with ideas. I'm not too creative.

Along the same note, I received an email from my "son" this morning. He used words like "mother", "turnips" (I don't think he has ever heard of them before) and "love" (TWICE!!), "anywho", etc. This is not my son. But keep em coming. I love them!

Breakfast this morning was egg bake (four kinds, one using bread and one using hashbrowns, and both of those using ham and sausage) warm biscuits, OJ, fruit. Feel like I'm missing something wonderful, but camp-stupid for me is starting to set in.

I'm encouraging the boys to write blogs. They all are encouraged many times. Trying to lead the horses to water. Understandable this blog is really set up for them, I'm just filling in gaps.

More later today.