L's blog - Wednesday evening

Another great day!! The week is flying by! Weather was perfect today. Can't complain.

Lunch today was grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato or chicken noodle soup, and veggies.

Over the lunch hour, a company came to install fiber optic cables. I'm not sure of the details surrounding this, but it was interesting to see how this all went in, and apparently we will have great phone/internet real soon. The unfortunate thing is the quiet of the camp (ok with boys in camp things are relative here!) was shattered by the heaving equipment working. Fortunately the duration was quite short and we were back to the quiet of the woods (and the boys).

Afternoon MB's: Fishing MB boys finished filleting their fish and cooked them. I helped by gathering the ingredients, and walking them through cooking them. I think they enjoyed eating them. Since it was a slow process, that took the whole hour. Fourth period I changed from routine and helped with the Communications MB. After some encouragement I helped get a scout writing a blog on this page. He did a great job, don't you think? I'm hoping he will do another tomorrow.

Mandatory-Bath/Open-swim went off without a hitch. It is really great so see how the boys really look out for and care for each other. The safety measures: buddy system, three beach lookouts (one in a boat behind the platform), beach manager, gatekeeper/buddy board manager. Those are the people. Then we have extra people, plus lifesaving equipment, as well as buddy checks.

Dinner tonight was Pork Chops. There is a rumor that it always rains on Pork Chop night and until a year or two ago, that was true. We were glad to continue to end that tradition this year. Pork Chops were great, along with mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, and applesauce. Later during dinner cleanup, awesome, hot Ghirardelli brownies appeared. Those are like the best brownies ever. Katie called ladies first and gave me the first piece. Had to wait for it to cool to eat. Awesome!

Jack had his Board of Review for First Class so he has advanced to his new rank. Congratulations Jack!

I did get some emails during dinner assembly. Some were quite baffling, others were more straightforward.

The evening activity was something new. We had an all troop activity at the beach. This made the beach staff very nervous, as it was quite open ended, but it all worked out. The Fishing MB boys got to fish, and the rest went out canoeing. The water was like glass, no boats about, perfect temperatures. I would have loved to stay out longer than we did.

After the canoeing activity, J and I were able to catch a quiet time at the beach and just enjoy the lake and the camp, before the evening campfire. Skits were better today, marginally. Notably there was a guitar and two patrols singing. Their choice of songs was "Bumble Bee Tuna" which was a reprise of a song from several years ago, and was actually funny. I enjoyed the effort. I hope to see more of this kind of thing. Unfortunately since it was such a large group of boys singing, they all felt they didn't need to do a skit, so we were skimpy in the skit department. NODEATH did a great Gazoot, as usual.

After a perfect weather day, I'm expecting perfect sleeping weather. I love cool sleeping.

Welcome to adults Jefferson who arrived tonight, David who came this afternoon, as well as welcome back to Ian.

Much to my chagrin, my blog posts get widespread posts. Where I thought they only went out on the blog page to those who went looking, they also go out in a daily email blast, as well as facebook. Here's my tip to those of you who read them. Look for them on the website http://www.troop370.net/voyager-bay/blog They get posted there immediately. I'm not sure how often they go to facebook. But if you wait for them to come by email, you will get a bunch all together, instead of as they are written. If you do read in the email blast, read from the bottom up for chronological reading.