L's blog - Wednesday just before noon

Forgot to mention the sounds last night as I was falling asleep. Frogs. I always chuckle to myself that it sounds like those little musical instruments that I made as a kid using rubberbands strung over an open shoebox. Only the rubberbands aren't quite tight enough. It's a great way to fall asleep.

We had a visitor two days ago. A young cub scout came with his dad to check out the camp and stayed overnight (the night of the storm!) Such a sweet kid and he seemed to really love the camp. I heard someone ask him what his favorite part of camp was, and he replied "the beach!" Woo hoo! I think we have a future camp member. Thanks Dad for bringing him and exposing him to his future fun! Dad did a great job of exposing him to camp life while keeping him out of the way too.

A pleasant surprise walking to breakfast this morning. I ran into Dean, one of the founding members of the camp. First words out of his mouth were that he has been reading my blogs and loving them! Woo Hoo! So I do have a couple more readers than I'm getting emails from! Dean is here for the day today, and will come again tomorrow. Now that he's retired, he only lives an hour away.

Rowing MB this morning. The boys practiced rescuing a drowning swimmer with a rowboat, and also practiced paddling a swamped rowboat. The most difficult part seemed to be the actual swamping of the rowboat, as they were using a very "sturdy" rowboat. The boys took it all in stride and got the requirement done.

Another beautiful day. The lake was like glass. Sun starting to get hot, but very low humidity. 11AM 72 degrees, 55 dewpoint, Wind N 6mph.

The archery range instructor just stopped me to show me some pictures he took of a doe and fawn hanging out at the archery range. He said they met him at the door of the range when he arrived. Not sure how smart it is for deer to be hanging out at an archery range. Maybe they were taunting. Look for the pictures on the camp pictures web page.

We have another visitor in camp. A dog named Colt. A very sweet yellow lab puppy. Amazing how tame, sweet and smart this puppy is. I'm not always a fan of dogs in camp, but this dog manages to look cute and stay out of the way at the same time. VERY well mannered. Would make a fabulous camp mascot.