Update From a Scout

Hello, I am Nykola, and since I am the troop scribe, it is my responsibility to represent the scouts of the troop by writing this blog. While Monday afternoon was very windy and very stormy, all of us where worried but we knew that three buzzers meant we had to scram to the nearby shelter. But that never happened but some scouts were displaced in fear of a tree falling on their tent, which never happened. Tuesday we had no power, but we really did not notice it because none of us used electronics. But we had warm oatmeal and granola bars. They turned on the generators which made a very distracting noise to supply the refrigerator with power. We had to pump the water from the well to clean the dishes. We found out that the power was back on when music was blaring from the kitchen, which is a occasional occurrence. The rest of the day was smooth from there out. Wednesday(today) we had what we were going to have the day before for breakfast. Which was egg bake and biscuits which was good and all the scouts enjoyed. Every one departed for their merit badge classes. The cooking merit badge class made quesadillas which was nice, while for lunch we had grilled cheese and soup. Today we will have Pork Chops, and according to troop culture, it always rains on the camp holiday "Pork Chop Day", which is today, but it wil not rain. Every day all the boys go out to the beach bath and go on the raft where people wrestle and push people of the dock which is a lot of fun, everyone looks forward to it. Today we will have a full troop meeting, which is when we all get together and have a meeting as if we never left Eden Prairie, we had one on Monday, but we are having another today, we are most likely going to talk about new camp-outs or ways to make the troop more exciting. Today we are having a beach day, which is what it sounds like. We go to the beach, we go bathe at mandatory swim every day but then go on the raft. But then we get a extra period of swim time. Which if you ask me makes no sense does not make sense to have us come in for dinner after mandatory swim, why not just extend the time by starting early by taking up the period before swimming? But there is a reason for that probably. So camp is half way over, and time really flies at camp. Except when you do something fun, especially shooting, because everything slows down when you are shooting. It is a period that lasts about a hour but feels like three. Which I enjoy because that activity I cherish. Most of the kids are doing well, they're having fun, no one is injured or sick.

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