L's blog - Thursday night

Today was another great day. Weather continues to be amazing (if we can forget about that storm that drove me out in the middle of the night earlier in the week!)

One of my most important things at camp is to not have to get up in the middle of the night. Waayy too much work and then too tough to get back to sleep. I'm very motivated on this! But last night I did have to get up. I'll spare you all the long details, but an unexpected bonus was as I was walking down the road, I happened to look up at the bright 4AM sky, and while I didn't see the moon, the stars were numerous and amazing. If I hadn't been so concerned about getting back to sleep I would have maybe stayed out longer to appreciate that. I don't get to see that at home! This was in marked difference to 11PM as I'm heading to bed when, this year, it is pitch black. I usually try to walk along the road toward my campsite without a flashlight. Once my night vision comes in I'm able to see well enough - until this year. I don't know what the moon cycle is, but it is so dark at 11PM. I guess the moon comes up later at night.

Tough waking up this morning however. This morning breakfast was French Toast, bacon, fruit, OJ. Delicious!

First period was Rowing MB. The boys have finished their in-the-water requirements, so they worked on the packet questions.

At the end of second period I decided to walk out to the gun range. I've heard so much about the new structure that was built and all the new surrounding things that were added. As someone else said, this puts many private clubs to shame! It is quite impressive and the range people shared with me what has changed, as well as things yet to come. Very impressive and the boys will have great experiences here! We are lucky to not only have an amazingly functional facility, but also very committed range instructors. Check out some of the photos on the Voyager Bay website.

On a related note, someone mentioned to me that we should install an HOV lane going to the gun range. Apparently there is so much instructor traffic going to and fro that the main artery is getting clogged up. Future plans! ;-)

Lunch was Tacos - both hard and soft shell - with the fixins. Delicious. Along with salsa and chips. A new addition was apples dipped in lime juice. Unexpectedly great!

Third period was Fishing MB - The boys have caught what they need to pass the catch requirements, so today they worked on the questions and paperwork. It is good to see all the safety stuff that is built into each MB. J has been teaching it, I'm just there to provide two deep leadership at the beach.

At the end of third period we got word that there could be rain and possibly lightning coming in an hour or two. Since we are at the water this is always taken very seriously by all the camp staff. Also the boys were given notice that at the end of third period they should head back to their campsites to "batten down the hatches". Nice to know how well they are being looked after. I can assure you I felt nothing was left to chance and soon word came that the expected weather was passing south of us.

Fourth period was canoeing. Again most of the requirements were done. There was a bit of in-the-water work, and then again working on paperwork. These three beachfront MBs had some really motivated boys who really buckled down to get their work done.

Activity period is my chance to swim/bathe myself. The middle of the afternoon the clouds increased and the breeze strengthened. Not that it was strong or anything, but things seemed to really cool down and it was a bit painful starting the swim. Once in, the water was nice - I even swam out to the platform to do some assisted chin-ups.

But with the breeze, getting out of the water was painful. Fortunately there is now a "changing" tent set up on the beach for lifeguard use. So I was able to dry off and change into dry clothes. Then it was time for open swim. The boys have this down pat now. Our guest beach manager was Ryan, who has run the beach many times in years past and was back for the day visiting with dad Dean (mentioned in yesterday's blog).

Dinner tonight was Sweet and Sour Chicken/vegetables with rice and cream cheese puffs. A great meal and plenty to eat. And as a bonus, Ben made dutch oven Cherry Pineapple Pie/Crisp for the adults. It was nice of him to make this and share with us.

After dinner I visited with a few people, and then this evening was Adult Gun night. That is my and J's opportunity to have some quiet time at the beach. We went out canoeing on the glass-like lake.

I think I've mentioned the loons on the lake - the family of three babies. There are lots of loon calls throughout the day, evening and night. It is a great sound.

I don't remember feeling this way last year. I'm disappointed that tomorrow is our last day. It could be the lack of seriously biting bugs, could be perfect weather, could be not having to teach swimming MB, could be the great company, or a whole host of other things. But regardless, tomorrow will be savored.