Thursday Update From a Scout

(From Blake N.)

Hello All, After Monday night's excitement with the storm and power outage, everything seems to have calmed down a bit. Everything's dry again and back to their rightful owners, but since this is Voyager Bay, there's bound to be something exciting going on. For example, yesterday a large truck arrived and proceeded to dig a hole leading from the A-frame so we could upgrade the network with fiber optic cables. In the grand scheme of things, it was a mild disruption, but many adults were curious about who was responsible for it. Aside from that, last night's campfire was a slight improvement from Monday's. Not because the skits were good, but because there were less bad ones. Hopefully people can bust their best material out for these last couple nights. Merit badge classes seem to be running smoothly. By the end of today, I'm sure there'll be a slew of kids who've finished theirs early. For me, I'm hoping to finish the 3 merit badges I'm taking and possibly a couple extra by the end of the week. There are less scouts than normal at camp this year, but nonetheless everyone is making progress and getting stuff done. There's potential for it to rain late tonight, but as Boy Scouts, we'll be well prepared. I hope life back in the cities, and wherever else you may be reading this, is treating you well.

Thanks for reading!