Friday evening

End of the last day at camp.

Lunch was NODEATH lunch. It was weird this year and we couldn't make out what to think of it. But basically we all put on gloves and served ourselves. My lunch actually wasn't too bad. Katie saved the day with two pans of awesome Ghirardelli brownies.

Third period J worked with the fishing MB boys to finish their bookwork stuff. Fourth period J worked with a canoeing scout from a previous year complete some of his requirements.

Fifth period I worked with Jack to review and discuss his fitness plan, and demonstrate his knowledge of CPR. So now Jack has completed Swimming MB!

Open swim was NODEATH day at the beach. The scouts gave a valiant effort and the alumni were outnumbered but showed the boys who was boss. The raft hasn't seen that much action all week!

Dinner tonight was steak w/ onion and mushroom, baked potato, Green bean hotdish, and homemade onion rings. Delicious!

Bugs were the story this week in my book. Or the lack of. Definitely made the week more tolerable. Weather was ideal as well - bookended by the heat/humidity at each end of the week. Today the humidity crept back in.

The camaraderie of all at the camp is amazing and really defines this camp. Everyone here knows each scout and each adult. We all eat together, attend campfire together, swim together and walk by each other in camp each day. Every scout knows they can ask an adult a question and if the adult doesn't know the answer, they can direct them to someone who does. It is hard to describe this atmosphere but is something you have to see to believe.

I can't say I felt this way last year, but I'm actually a bit sad to have the week finished (remember my blog the morning after the big storm - that seems so long ago now.) I tribute this to the great friends I have here at camp and the great group of boys who I enjoy seeing each year as they mature.

I helped one scout finish his swimming MB, earn a new rank, helped two scouts get Rowing MB, helped two scouts earn Fishing MB and help two scouts earn Canoeing MB.

Thanks to all who contributed to make this camp so special for not only the boys but the adults too.

Have to remember to request from Jim V next year, shower gel for mandatory bath. The boys really liked that.

Tomorrow we wake at 7, and tear down and police each campsite and pack up. Then it's breakfast and the boys go on their way toward home.

Thanks for sticking with the blog each day with me.