L's Blog - Last day!

Last day at camp consists of packing up and heading out. Buzzer rang at 7AM. Most days that means assemble and go to breakfast, but today the last day it means wakeup and start packing up your gear. Tents were quite dewey so will need to be dried out back in town. Each camper went through their campsite to remove any trash, even the tiniest bit. While the scouts are doing this, many adults are busy packing up camp stuff and cleaning. We started much of this last night, but things like the kitchen can't really be finished until the last meal. Breakfast was cereal, fruit, coldcuts sandwiches, granola bars, lettuce - lots of lettuce.

I got to visit with some of the arriving parents who were gracious enough to come and pick up a group of boys to bring home. The boys all left and many adults stayed behind to finish up stuff that needed to wait till the boys were gone. Also, since the adults were working on camp stuff, or with the boys this morning, many of them still needed to tear down their own campsites.

J and I decided also to take one last short canoe trip before we carried the canoe back up to the racks. The lake was like glass, but the sun was hot and it was quite warm in the canoe. Very humid this morning too.

The next troop was arriving at noon, so it was a race to get out before they arrived.

A great week at camp. Thanks for following my life at camp.