L's Blog - Scout camp Here We Come!

Hi Friends, I'm getting ready to write my camp blog again this year so thought I would get my ducks in a row while still at home.  On everyone's mind right now is packing.  I always forget something.  Some important things scouts have forgotten in the past:  scout shirt, neckerchief, sturdy closed toe shoes.  All important stuff - ask your son if he has these.  

Watch this spot for what I hope are regular notes about the camp experience from my personal perspective.  I can get wordy, so ignore these if they are not your thing.  I try to interject humor but my humor can be very dry, so if something sounds odd, it is probably my attempt at humor.  

We (ok *I*) need more females in camp!  If you are a Mom reading this, consider coming up for a day or two.  If you can handle a tent (I'll bring an extra) and a pretty decent outhouse, I'll help you through the rest.  Its a great time enjoying the beautiful outdoors without cooking or cleaning.  

Also, just like the boys, I like getting mail.  (did you know you can send your son mail, either USPS or email that is delivered each evening. )  So email me with questions about camp and I'll see what I can do to post answers in my blog.  Or just email me a note that you are reading; it's nice to know I have an audience.