L's Blog - first day at camp

HI Friends

First day at camp was awesome.  I drove alone and arrived just in time for lunch  :)  Then I set up my camp just in time for the boys to arrive.  Sounds like they had a good trip up and I heard the field trip was good too.  Comments about the field trip to the Soo Line Museum is that it allowed hands-on stuff, so the boys had fun checking things out.  And the museum staff seemed genuinely happy to have the scouts visit, so I'm guessing this will be on the rotation to visit again.  After arrival everyone got their camp shirts - a nice fire engine red with gold letters.  Then we took a camp picture so check the website for that soon.  The boys went through orientation and I saw them at the beach where we went over the rules with them.  They are such a nice group of boys, so it was just a matter of reminding them how we behave on the beach and in the water.  

The adults are doing cook patrol this year, so I helped cut up veggies in the kitchen before a great dinner of sloppy joes and fixins.  After dinner, cleanup and a rest, we had swim qualifications - it was nice to get that done today.  

Tonight was a campfire, and I have to say the skits (the few there were) were LAME-O.  These boys need to step up the entertainment.  NODEATH (the alumni) however, did a nice song.  

Weather today was AMAZING.  It was a hot drive, and seemed hot when I arrived, but it became comfortable quickly and the humidity disappeared.  By early evening I had my sweatshirt on, along with the long pants.  I hope I'm warm enough sleeping tonight!! :)  It will be way better than last night's weather in Eden Prairie.  I was up late last night watching the storm and spent some time in the basement.  All I could think at the time is my worst scenario of being in a tent with a bad storm and I was glad I was in a sturdy house.  So I'm glad weather tonight looks calm and clear, and word has it the foreseeable future weather looks great too.  

The bugs today weren't much to speak of.  A welcome thing!

For those of you reading this in the email blast or on facebook, I believe it posts immediately to the troop website www.troop370.net > voyager bay > blog.  So you don't have to wait till the following day after 4PM to read them.  

As I've said before, send me some emails.  Only I don't know the email address at camp yet.  I'll get back to you on that.  Good Night!