L's Blog - D2 - I need sleep

Another great day at scout camp.  I'm feeling tired today which I think is pretty normal for me at the beginning of camp.  Sleeping in a new place, with different sounds, etc.  Last night I went to sleep hearing loons calling as they flew overhead, and then woke up to the same sound.  The temperature was cool last night, which I loved.  Another sound last night was the breeze in the  leaves in the trees; it sounded like rain without the wet.  Cool.   I'm using a new tent this year - last year's developed leaks after 10 years in the sun.  This years' is a very similar tent -slightly different dimensions, and different windows style.  On sale at Dicks for $79.  It was super dark last night.  I'm sure has nothing to do with the age of my eyes, but walking up the road was difficult without a flashlight.  I did notice there was no moon.  Lots of amazing stars though.  

Breakfast was pancakes and sausage, lunch was coldcuts sandwiches (new meat slicer!!). 

I assisted with fishing MB this morning, and went out in the boat afterward to scout fishing spots.  We had a very nice church service planned and led by Corwin.  He did a great job and it was an extra treat to have him playing his guitar while we sang.  

I was reminded this morning about an interesting bird call I heard last year and now am hearing again.  I hope to try recording it and sharing with my walking partner who is a bird expert.  I'm sure it's a very common Minnesota bird, but I don't hear it in Eden Prairie.  

I managed to get in two one-minute naps this morning.  I'm off to try for a bit more substantial.

More probably tonight.