L's Blog D2 - still tired

I'm looking forward to a great night's sleep tonight.  I shouldn't have any trouble.  The naps I had hoped to get today all totaled about 5 minutes, but they got me through the day.  

This afternoon Joe and I worked with the boys on the Swimming Merit Badge.  Both passed their swim qual and we worked on strengthening their strokes as well as talking about swimming safety.  They are really nice boys and very enthusiastic and wanting to be positive participants.  

Then I hung out in the water visiting with some of the other adults at the beach until open swim time where I was in the boat watching the boys on the far side of the platform.  Again a nice group who had fun, but were also willing to follow the safety rules of the beach.  

Dinner tonight was hamburgers, french fries, veggies, canned pears and pudding.  The hamburgers were great - lots of fixings.  

After dinner I said goodby to Dave who headed back to town for work; then it was open time for me so I sat on the dock and read at the beach till sunset.  There were three loons together just out from our beach, hanging out and fishing the whole time I was there. They have been nearby since I arrived on Saturday and don't seem to be fazed by the extra activity at the beach this week.  

There are a few dogs in camp.  Sometimes dogs can be difficult but these have great manners and the boys seem to like having them around.  Take a look at some of the pictures on the web page for Voyager Bay. 

I mentioned emails - the link is now on the web page.  So go to www.troop370.net > Voyager Bay  and look for "email your scout" near the top. Or you can send an email to voyagerbay@troop370.net  Please put the scout's name in the subject line.  Often these emails are read by camp staff before passing along to the boys.

The kitchen staff gave me one of their personal collection dark chocolate caramels with sea salt today.  Awesome and it hit the spot just when I needed it.  Amazing what little treats like that are like when away at camp.  

Signing off from another great day at camp.  Did I mention the weather has been perfect!?