L's blog - D3 A great routine

Things are plugging along at camp here and all seems to be routine.  I slept better last night so my outlook always brightens up when feeling rested.  Breakfast this morning was a hashbrown, cheesy egg bake  with oranges and homemade rolls.

I meant to sew the button on my pants before leaving home, but then got lazy and decided I would be ok.  But now with the camp radio hanging off one side of my pants and my phone in the pocket on the other side, I wish I had the button to keep my pants up!  I'm guessing with a camp full of guys (did I mention I really am the only female in camp?) there isn't a button (of the right size) to be had.  

We don't have the boys doing cook patrol this year- the adults are taking that on.  So setting out milk, bread, PBJ etc. as well as serving falls to whomever volunteers. I've been helping with that a couple times a day.  

Fishing MB this morning.  The boys fished from the dock but didn't catch anything yet.  Plenty-o-time.  

It is amazing all the maintenance projects that go on just to keep the camp running smoothly, so in addition to teaching the boys, and cooking, there are plenty of things to keep the adults busy.