L's Blog - D3 - Continuing routine

Lunch today was Asian chicken/vegetables with a homemade sweet/sour sauce.  I loved it.  Third period I was at the beach watching the First Aid Merit badge.  We are lucky to have Joe, an Army medic on leave to come to camp with us.  We know he is giving those boys great and practical information.  

During swimming MB, in addition to practicing strokes, we also practiced different types of safer rescues of a swimmer in trouble: throwing an object, reaching safely with a leg or arm, rope rescue, etc  The boys also showed us they can float for a minute and we practiced the survival float.  Weather today was cooler than it's been and it's not been hot.  I'm not sure the temps but I'm guessing it was a high of in the lower 70s.  And with the constant breeze we've had that makes for cold swimming.  Today it was hard to get in the water, and very cold once we got out.  

Dinner tonight was spaghetti with colored/veggie pasta and a great red sauce.  Then as a treat there was homemade bread in a cool shape and seasoned with butter and garlic.  I wonder if someone took a picture of the bread.  I think the cooks are trying to keep costs down by doing some things homemade, but I hope they also are enjoying the fun of baking too.  We sure are enjoying the rewards!

I've started a new thing, inspired by another adult in camp.  Instead of going out running though (who has time for that?!) I'm going to try to run each time I return to the main camp from the beach.  It isn't far, but it is super steep.  I can't run the whole thing yet, but I'm hoping to by the end of the week.  I think people who see me think I'm late for something - why else would I be running! As an aside I have 14,000 steps so far today.

There are lots of wild raspberry bushes throughout camp and in past years they've been ripe and I've enjoyed eating them. I don't see them this year.  I'm not sure if they are late, or early or just a bad crop this year.   

I sat in on a Board of Review for one of our younger scouts tonight.  I always enjoy the BoRs as they help me get to know the boys better.  It is nice to develop a relationship with them.  This BoR didn't disappoint.  

I saw the smoker working tonight, this is new.  I think it has to do with dinner tomorrow so it will be fun to again try something new and creative from the cooks.

Tonight also was activity night for one of the patrols at the waterfront.  They could choose canoeing or fishing and they chose the former.  It was fine by me as I wanted to get out on the lake in a canoe.  Joe (the First Aid MB guy) agreed/offered to come with me so it was nice getting to know him as we canoed on the lake.  Then I just stayed at the beach reading on the dock.  The lake here is so beautiful and the water is quite clear.  Other than Saturday afternoon, we have only seen an occasional fishing boat or an occasional pontoon out on the water.  We feel for such a huge lake that it is very private for us.  In a good way!

This afternoon there were two eagles who appeared to be fishing and when they showed up a loon started calling, so not sure if that was a warning type call or what.  The loons have been VERY visible and active near our beach and I would say it would be unusual to look out and NOT see them.  

I stepped outside a little bit ago 10:15PM and there was some boy activity.  I wonder if something is afoot.  So over and out for tonight.  I'm looking forward to a great nights sleep and a wonderful day tomorrow. PS thanks for all your comments!