L's Blog - D4 Tuesday

Only found time to write once today, and it's getting late so I'll try to be quick.  Breakfast this morning was French Toast with bacon.  Yummy.  The cooks have pride in their food and today it showed yet again when they put a shaker out of powered sugar to sprinkle on the french toast.  Gourmet!  

This morning I went with the fishing MB in the boat to try to catch some fish.  They took awhile to get going and once we got there it was mostly weeds that were caught.  John caught one fish - a sunny.  It was nice to be out in the boat. 

Second period I can't remember what I did, but it must have been important since I wasn't able to blog during that time.  Oh yes, a mom (Brenda) drove her son here and I spent some time visiting with her before lunch and then she drove home.  This was my first female company in camp.  

Lunch was Taco Tuesday. I had one hard shell and one soft shell with all the fixins.  Then I went back for another soft shell.  Probably shouldn't have done that.  

Third period I assisted (OK I NAPPED) with the First Aid MB that was being held at the beach and needed another adult.  Fourth I managed to muster awake to teach a great Swimming MB class.  We worked on stroke refinement and then went out to the raft to practice diving.  The one who struggled the most with the strokes was the best at diving - even though he had never tried diving before.  That was cool to see.  After diving they practiced rescuing Joe (the Army guy) again a rope and tender.  

Afternoon activity period had a group at the beach for fishing/canoeing.  So Joe and I went out with them again.  

A friend Caroling came to pick up her son who had to leave early, so another female in camp for a couple hours and we were able to visit before open swim.

Open swim went quite well and the boys had fun.  

Did I mention the bugs aren't as bad this year.  We had our own mini Mosquito district (Drew) that came up a couple weeks before camp and put in some birth control into the swamp areas.  It has made such a huge difference. The mosquitoes are still there, but they aren't swarming like they did several years ago.  Even the horse flies, and deer flies aren't so bad. Thanks Drew and everyone else who coordinated that.

Supper tonight was BBQ chicken and potato salad with veggies and cooked peas.  

At the end of dinner Jeff arrived.  He almost wasn't able to come this year because of work, but then was able to take the later part of the week off and join me.  So it made my day to see him arrive at camp.  He and I spent the evening down at the beach on the dock.  We remarked how quiet this beautiful lake always is.  There are so many houses, and so many boats attached to docks, and such a beautiful place, but so few boats out on the water.  So the whole evening I think we saw only one boat...in the distance.  We did see two eagles fly together into a tree, where I'm guessing there is a nest.  I'll have to get a boat and get over there to check it out further.  We've known about an eagle's next across the lake, but I think this is a new one much closer to camp.  

New to this blog I will try to attach some pictures.  In random order:  the cute dog that is attached to Joe.  And when I say attached, that is not too much an exaggeration.  When we go out in the canoe, someone has to hold the dog or he will try to swim after us. One of the dog's favorite activities is jumping off the dock to chase after a ball.  So there is a picture of him jumping.  One of the other camp counselors took a fabulous picture of the night sky that I really liked, so I'm including that here too.  And also a picture of a few of us out on one of the canoe activities.  (OK I can't seem to get pictures to work.  I'm too tired to fiddle with it tonight, so I'll try to look into it tomorrow. )