L's Blog D5 - Wednesday evening

HI Friends.  Another great day at camp.  Lunch today was grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato or chicken noodle soup, and veggies.  As always there is milk, peanut butter, jelly and bread.  

After lunch I helped at the First Aid MB at the beach.  By help I was physically there - as was Jeff.  I may or may not have napped.  Then it was the swimming MB where we got great things accomplished.  We practiced diving from the raft and they both mastered a kneeling dive, and had mixed results with the standing dive.  For two youngsters who had never dived, they are doing great.  We also did some surface dives and finally the boys got a few minutes to try out the snorkeling equipment.  Of course that is the fun stuff but we have so many requirements to accomplish that we don't have much time for the fun stuff.  Well.... it's all fun stuff.....

When we were swimming out to the raft, the boys saw a big cluster of water bugs between us and the raft.  They asked what was that and I said, "Water bugs, they're good because the fish like to eat them."  They both in unison said aghast "THERE ARE FISH!!?". So like a kind friend I said "of course not!"  I laughed to myself about that all afternoon.

Supper was a great meal and it was new.  The engineers/cooks decided to take on something new and made smoked pulled pork. Wow, was it ever good.  The portions were HUGE and it came with a bun, coleslaw, baked beans, fruit, corn bread, and the brownies I made this morning.  Everyone left more than satisfied.  I hope this meal continues to make the menu.  The cooks said it was a lot of work but I know they like to engineer new meals.  

Just as we were finishing dinner a dad of one of the new scouts arrived with his younger son to stay for a couple nights to experience our wonderful camp.  

I spent some quiet time at the beach this evening before campfire. 

While campfire skits improved from the last one, and some of the scouts were really trying, in my opinion it was a disappointment.  The best skits were of Emu quality.  Corwin, of NODEATH tried to inspire us with a fun sing-a-long.  Hopefully that will carry into the next campfire.  

I"m again exhausted. I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep.  There were/are storms in the area, but it looks like they might go around us.  Hopefully more don't develop.

Here is a picture of the cooking MB enjoying the fruits of their labor.