L's Blog - Wednesday morning - Brownies and pictures!

Hi Friends

With Jeff in camp I didn't need to go out with the fishing people, so that gave me a bit of free time.  What did I do with this freetime?  Made brownies of course!  It was tricky making them with a convection oven because the box didn't give times for that, but I think they came out acceptably.  They've been cooling this morning and I believe they will be more than acceptable.  Even though it looks like a mouse got into the finished product, no one should worry! 

I didn't sleep all that well last night.  Part of the problem was that I started late - after 11PM.  Part of the problem was that about 11:30 (not "quite" asleep yet) some loud music started playing.  I laid in bed thinking of all the ways I was going to strangle who ever was pulling this prank.  I thought about going out to investigate, but that meant redressing, mosquitoes, darkness, etc. If I had been WIDE awake, I probably would have gone.  But fortunately I heard footsteps on the road of someone else going to check it out.  THANKS DON!  Turns out it was a boat on the water (my campsite is a good distance from the water) that was blasting music and having a grand old time.  Eventually it stopped, or they moved on.

At wakeup call this morning I decided I would sleep in, but that didn't work either.  Lots of talking nearby, having to go to the bathroom, and not wanting to miss out on what happened last night got me out of bed.  I figure I'll try to squeeze in a nap somehow.  

It seems warmer today and a bit more humid.  As I write this at 10:30AM it is 74 degrees and dewpoint of 59.  While I don't have comparison numbers, that sounds warmer and more humid than it's been.  Still nice though!  The breeze that we had up until last night seems to be gone too.  It helped keep the bugs at bay.  They aren't swarming, but they are definitely around.  I've been reminding the first years to maybe cover up those bare legs, but it seems they want to do things their own way.  

I asked and think I figured out how to add pictures to my blog, so I'll try again.  Same pictures/descriptions as last night. 

canoeing activity
Colt was lonely   

Colt was lonely