L's blog - Thursday

Didn't I write yet today?  My brain has gone on overload - not enough sleep. - late nights and early mornings.  

Breakfast this morning was pancakes.  I went out fishing with the Fishing MB people.  I thought to take a couple pictures, but no time to post them tonight.  I tried to nap during second period but couldn't, and ended up visiting with some neighbors in Ewak instead.  

Lunch was Brats and Hotdogs.  Then I "helped" at First Aid by being a second adult while I napped for 10 minutes.  Swimming merit badge we did the big swim, and then even though it is no longer required, we taught the boys how to jump in the water with their clothes on and remove them to make flotation devices.  I think they thought it was fun.  This was a good group of first year boys and I am enjoying teaching them.

Supper tonight was Pork Chops, mashed potatoes, veggies, corn and something else.  Everyone is waiting for the rain to come - it always rains on pork chop night. People are saying storms are coming later tonight.  I really don't like being in a tent for a storm.  

Jeff and I sat at the lake this evening and it was beautiful.  A nice breeze coming off the lake.  Lots of eagles and a few loons.  I wish we could spend more time there in the quiet.

I made brownies tonight and served the before the campfire/OA ceremony.  I got elected as a new candidate which was very cool.  Then we had more food as a celebration.  I was thirsty so drank almost a full bottle of water, so that means I'll be awake tonight running through the woods in the middle of the night.  Definitely not my favorite.  

Tomorrow is our last day. A few of you have written to me and I appreciate those notes.  I'll be leaving Friday after dinner to head back to town for an unexpected commitment Saturday morning.