L's blog - Friday - storm last night

I'm feeling better today - not as exhausted.  Things are running well today as they have all week.

Last night we had word a storm would come in late and sure enough it did.  I woke up about 2:30AM to lots of nearby thunder and lightning.  I thought about it for a minute, and realizing I would need to get up and go to the bathroom anyway, I decided after last year's storm that I didn't want to weather the storm in the tent anymore.  So Jeff offered to come with me and we ran up to the A-frame just as sprinkles started about 2:45.  I was a bit surprised that no one was at the A-Frame but I also am confident this storm was being closely monitored by MANY people and they were active out in the camp checking in on the boys.  We watched the storm on my computer radar and while it looked nasty, and seemed to be growing, it also seemed to lessen just before it came over us.  There was lots of rain, but no nearby thunder and lightning that I could tell from the A-Frame.  So I over reacted, but I'll do it again if given the choice.  I was much more comfortable being able to watch the radar from a safe-ish place.  About 3:30 we ran back to the tent in the rain and fell asleep to rain falling - which was quite pleasant.  

I slept through breakfast this morning which seemed to help with the exhaustion.  Normal wakeup time is 7 at camp - and I got out of bed at 8.  I was able to grab a few things for breakfast and then I headed out with the Fishing MB folks in the boat.  We had limited luck in the catching fish department but I hope the boys had fun.  

Second period I made the brownies for NODEATH lunch.  I made double the size I've made the last two times - partly to finish off what we had - and partly to give everyone a bigger piece.  So that is what I just pulled out of the oven as we speak.  I cut them.  The pieces are quite large!

Next is NODEATH lunch which is loved by many and also hated by many. :)  I'm sure it will be fun.