L's Blog - Friday PM - Final post for camp 2015

NODEATH lunch was quite tame this year.  They are still entertaining though.  Lunch consisted mostly of leftovers.  I had a turkey sandwich with fixins and deep fried cream cheeze wantons.  And of course the giant sized brownies.  I saw some boys with food piled quite high.

By this time of camp we have all adjusted and everyone moves at camp/vacation speed which is quite slow.  We've all lived with each other for a week and have gotten to know each other - warts and all.  It's a good bunch of people!

This afternoon after "assisting" with First Aid MB we had our last Swimming MB class.  We practiced strokes and then hit the diving hard.  For boys who have never dived before, those boys really listened and took advice and have become good little divers.  It was fun to see and be a part of their success.  Then they had some extra time to play around with the snorkeling equipment. These boys in Swimming were exceptional this year.  I'm not talking about their swimming skills, but their positive attitude and willing to try things that were not at their comfort level.  We all had because of that. 

After Swimming MB it was time to start to prepare to close the beach.  We gathered up non-essential things and organized. Then time for open swim where NODEATH reasserted their dominance of the platform.  The boys seemed to really enjoy that interaction and it seemed to me this was a great time of building team between the boys and the alumni.  After everyone finished, the boys all carried things up to the truck to haul out. 

Steak Night for dinner.  I don't get steak too often so this was a nice treat and it was cooked to my perfection.  Complete with sauteed mushrooms and onions.  Also had green beans and baked potatoes.  I may have said this before but the cook staff has really set a high bar.  They seem to have fun cooking and seem to enjoy experimenting - to our benefit.  We were well fed this week.  Just one request - could we have that smoked pulled pork TWICE next year?  It was awesome!

After dinner I had to head back to town for an unexpected commitment Saturday morning, so I packed up and said my goodbyes.  Since I was the only woman in camp all week I pretty much had my own latrine - and it's pretty centrally located, so inconvenient for the other adults to go elsewhere.  So there was a big cheer when I said my good byes and reminded all the adults that that latrine was open to the public.  

Thanks all for all you did to make this a great week at camp.  I know many people do visible things like teaching and cooking.  But there are at least as many people helping with things behind the scenes.  I always knew if I ran into a snag, there would be someone around to bail me out.  I am especially grateful for the things done that I didn't know about or see.  Till next year....