2016 L's Blog - Saturday Morning

Friday night: Well I’ve arrived at camp. Drive up wasn’t too bad but there was construction on 169 at Zimmerman that brought traffic down’ to one lane.  Fortunately I had a heads up and detoured around the intersection and didn’t have to wait in the long line. 

I arrived at camp and set up my tent.  Temps are in the mid 70s and in the sun it’s quite hot. 

Dinner tonight was wonderful.  I brought a hamburger for my mail course, and most everyone else brought fancy steaks and chops.  Then there were all kinds of sides and to top it off there were brownie muffins.  This cook staff likes to try new stuff, and I love it.  Camp is a nice group of people to be with.

For me a quiet evening enjoying the sights and sounds of the woods.  I’m happy to be here and glad I got up a day early to enjoy the quiet before the action starts. 

If you are a regular reader of my blog, I always like to hear from you.  So email me questions, or comments. I’m not planning to have the blog go out in the daily email blast and clog up everyone’s inbox (late word, not sure that is possible).  So I hope we can figure out how to just have it here on the Voyager Bay page.  So check back to the troop370.net/voyager-bay instead of waiting for it to come to you (even if it goes out by email, it isn't regular, so still better to check the website).   I’ll try to write at least once a day, and many times more often.  I have a rather dry sense of humor so if you’re confused by something I wrote, assume it’s a joke.  Also, I rarely proof my writing, and if I do I do it quickly (I'd rather be outside than up in the lab).  So lots of typos and missteps. 

I hope you enjoy the week at camp through me.  If you’re at camp, and want to blog, come find me.  There can be more of us writers than just me!  Boys are welcome to write too!

Saturday Morning: A great morning to wake up.  Uncharacteristically I woke before the alarm, and since it was such a cold night, the sun didn't heat up my tent like normal  So I was able to just lay in bed and enjoy the sounds.  Lots of birds - many I don't recognize.  One sounded like a trumpet, similar to a goose, but not the same - more like a trumpet.  Many Loons.  Notable what I didn't hear was motor vehicle traffic, air conditioner motors, air planes, voices, and just general hum.  Peaceful and quiet.

A great breakfast of homemade biscuits with gravy to get the work crew started.  I've mentioned it before and I'll mention it again, (and throughout the week), these cooks love what they do and they love to experiment with new ideas, new recipes, and new equipment. I'm happy to be the taste tester.  Yesterday they were testing the new muffin pans they bought.  Brownie muffins are wonderful!  Today walking through the kitchen I saw a 50 pound bag of Bread Flour.  See, when I said they make from scratch, I meant it!!  Can you tell I like food!?

I'm off to help with setup for the camp so we are ready when the boys arrive.  More probably later this afternoon.