2016 L's Blog Saturday evening

It was nice to be part of the crew that sets up for camp.  I counted 20 people at lunch who had been here working to make camp ready for a great experience for the boys.  Thanks to those who fixed the roof, cut down dead trees, mowed lawns, set up beach, set up gun and archery ranges, set up forge, organized everyone, set up kitchen, organized merit badge schedule, and many other things that I haven't listed here.  A great group of people who cheerfully work together to get things done.  

The boys arrived around 2:30 and went right to work unloading the trailer and setting up their camp sites.  Then they had orientation at the range, and orientation at the beach. There was a bit of free time where it was great to hear happy boy voices playing.  Just before dinner we all were issued our matching shirts, and group photos were taken.  After some start of camp announcements, we had a great dinner of sloppy joes w cheese, vegetables with dip, corn muffin, potato chips, and something else I forgot.  There is always PB&J on the table for anyone who doesn't like the entree or wants more to eat.  Also at the table is milk.

After dinner is cleanup and the boys will have a group activity while the adults meet to go over camp stuff.  There is a campfire tonight and it sounds  like the boys are excited to have something to plan.  

I saw a loon and baby come into our beach area, and it was fun to watch them diving.  The weather was beautiful today, not too hot but plenty warm and sunny.  Sounds like we will get some rain tonight, so we are planning to shorten up evening activities to get them done before the rain comes.